The experiment

Why am I doing this?

Honestly, I am doing this experiment to challenge myself and to still be able to indulge in something that I love…shopping! I am currently a broke grad student and my lack of funds has been getting me down, so instead of continuing to get down about it, and complain about it, I’ve decided to try to find a new way of of feeding my habit. I’m hoping that this little experiment will be fun and that it will help me to look beyond my current meager budget and realize that you can still do something you love even when funds are tight!

What is a spendthrift?

First, before anyone points it out, I know that at the moment I am the opposite of a spendthrift. According to Merriam-Webster a spendthrift is:

“a person who spends improvidently or wastefully”

Since I am broke I don’t really have the luxury or liberty to be an actual spendthrift and it isn’t my intention to be extravagant or wasteful (I also don’t ever aspire to be an actual spendthrift). I just want to have some fun with fashion and prove that I can still enjoy fashion on a very meager budget.

What is the SpendThrift Experiment?

So what is this experiment and what are the rules? This experiment is meant to show that anyone can indulge in fashion even on the cheap. Here are the rules:

  1. Every week for the next year I will find a look that I like, whether it be in a fashion magazine, online, or out on the street.
  2. Each challenge begins on Sunday and ends on the next Saturday. The start date is Sunday February 6th, 2011.
  3. I need to document (by photograph) and describe the look that I am trying to achieve.
  4. I need to recreate one aspect of the look or as much of the look as possible on a budget (see the next point).
  5. My budget is $20 per week (even if I do get a job and my income increases).
  6. I am only allowed to save up my $20 a week once to buy something more expensive than $20, otherwise I have to stick to $20 a week (see rules 7 and 8 for exceptions).
  7. In the event that I have to/want to return something I am allowed to pool the money from the returned item towards the next week’s purchase BUT I need to try my absolute best to avoid bad purchases.
  8. For online shopping purchases shipping costs must be factored into the $20 and I must have the item of clothing by the Saturday end date of the week’s challenge, BUT I am allowed one online shopping cheat where I can pay shipping on top of the $20 (the item must still arrive by the next Saturday though).
  9. I am allowed up to 5 bag challenges, 5 shoe challenges, and 5 “other” accessories challenges.
  10. I have to photograph and post all purchases that I make for the challenge.
  11. I have to disclose the exact price of what I bought and where I bought it from.
  12. I have to ask my friends and family to rate how successful I was in the challenge and poll any readers of this blog.
  13. I have to rate my satisfaction with my purchase, how I feel it fits the look I was going for, as well as the quality of what I bought.

Wish me luck!

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