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Weeks 41-42 Results

14 Jan

Alright so you’re either going to think that I’m crazy or brilliant on this one!

If you recall, this challenge was a biggie! It was to find a dress similar to this wrap dress from the Rachel Zoe pre-Fall collection:

Rachel Zoe pre-fall on INSTYLE.COM

I had huge doubts in my ability to find something but I think that I may have actually been successful on this one (but then again that’s up to you to decide).

So what did I find? Okay bear with me here…

I know that the pattern is kind of crazy, and nothing like the giraffe pattern of the Rachel Zoe dress, and nothing like any of the patterns that I normally wear, but what I ended up buying was this bathing suit cover up/dress/shirt (honestly I have no idea exactly what it qualifies as, the receipt says “junior trend”) from Winners:

Winners $9.99, front


Insane? Perhaps. But it did come in at a bargain basement price of $9.99!

Since it is very billowy and I had a lot of room left in my budget I also purchased this (reversible) belt for $16.99:

So all together my entire purchase came to $30.49 taxes in!


Now here’s the true test, this is how it looks on me:

"Dress" and belt Winners, shoes Steve Madden

So what do you think? Did I have a temporary bout of insanity on this challenge?

Weeks 35-36 Results

3 Dec

This challenge was to find a grey sweater similar to this one from Banana Republic:

Banana Republic $74


I’m happy to say that after several less than stellar challenges, this one was a success! Now I did end up coming across many grey sweaters at great prices at several stores (Smart Set, Suzy Sheir, Forever 21 etc.), but what I ended up buying was this one from Winners:

Winners $29.99


At $33.89 after taxes it was a bit more expensive than some of the other options but it also seemed to be a higher quality sweater since it’s partially a blend of wool and Angora.

Note: I have the receipt but I am choosing not to show it this challenge because there may be some Christmas purchases for some individuals who read this blog on it...

It’s nice and light but still warm so I look forward to wearing it and layering it over other pieces of clothing like dress shirts. Another nice thing about this purchase was that it came with a really cute matching scarf:

I don’t think that I’ll end up wearing the scarf with the sweater but I will definitely wear it with other shirts.

Now I haven’t had a chance to take a picture of myself in it yet, and I just went out for a big birthday dinner (yup, the big 3-0 happened this week, eek!) so a big belly full of food isn’t the most conducive to a good photo but I’ll update the post with a picture soon.

So that’s my find and I’m very satisfied with it! Now it’s time to find out what you think!

Triumph or Tacky? Part 2

10 Sep

Alright, time to finally let you know what I decided to do for the Weeks 23-24 Challenge! If you recall I was looking for black shoes to wear around Paris and I ended up finding these at Winners:

Winners $29.99

Now although these flats are cute, I wasn’t complete sold on them so I went out shoe shopping again after the conclusion of the challenge. That’s when I came across (and bought!) these awesome motorcycle boots:

Aldo Halat $43.49

At this point I had a dilemma on my hands, should I return the black flats or should I keep both pairs of shoes? According to your opinions, most of you thought that I should keep the motorcycle boots. Keeping both pairs of shoes came a close second.

So what did I decide? Well, in the end I kept both pairs of shoes (and have adjusted the SpendThrift Savings Bank accordingly). This decision was actually made in the heat of the moment rather than after a lot of thought, lol. I was running late for work one morning, couldn’t find my old pair of black flats and the new pair was just sitting there so they kind of got chosen by default!

The flats are actually really comfortable, my only complaint is that they’re a little loose (which is more my fault than that of the shoes) so I may need to find a pair of those little socks that fit into flats invisibly. We’ll see. I think that I will find a way to make them work somehow.

I haven’t had a chance to wear the motorcycle boots yet since I haven’t gotten around to putting leather protector on them but that’s on the agenda for this weekend so hopefully I’ll wear them this week. I’ll post a picture when I do wear them, they do look pretty cute with a skirt 😮

That’s it for me for now, tomorrow I’m off to shop for my current challenge!

Weeks 23-24 Results

20 Aug
This challenge was to find a pair of shoes appropriate enough to wear on the streets of Paris, comfortable enough to not leave me in pain at the end of the day, and practical enough that I don’t end up face planting on the Champs-Élysées! Although my initial thought was to find a pair of Puma-esque shoes, after some great advice and further consideration I decided to scrap that idea.

So what did I end up finding? Well, after searching many stores I opted for a pair of black flats that I found at Winners:


Winners $29.99


This was actually a difficult decision and I’m still not sure that I’m completely content with my selection. My original reservations against flats were that they tend to stretch and often cause blisters. I was worried that if they stretched too much they would be prone to slipping off or just be annoying on cobblestone streets. But in the end I quite frankly couldn’t find anything better!

It’s not for a lack of trying either! First, I thought that maybe I would find a pair of black Oxfords. I did find a few pairs at the Shoe Company but they either didn’t fit or the bottoms were so slippery that I would have skidded on the slightest wet or smooth surface. I may have been able to find another pair in the store but my shopping experience was completely ruined by the sales associate. You know when a sales associate comes up to you, asks you if you need help, you say no and then they say their name and to come find them if you need them? Yeah, well this associate did that, I said no and then she proceeded to hover directly over me the ENTIRE time! It was beyond irritating! I don’t know if I looked like I was unable to shop on my own or that I might run out with a pair of shoes but I will not be going back to that store any time soon!

Next, I thought that maybe I could find a pair of short biker boots. I’ve seen some girls pull off biker boots with skirts and dresses and it has looked really cute but I couldn’t find a pair remotely close to my $40 limit and I’m also not sure if the look would work on me since I don’t have the longest or thinnest legs (and I’m not going for an actual biker look here).

So in the end I decided on the flats. They are actually uber-comfortable and they were a good price at $29.99. Since I had a bit of money left over I splurged on some heel protectors so they might help prevent blisters and keep the shoes from slipping off:

Winners $3.99

The shoes and heel protectors came in at $38.40, so $1.60 under budget. Although everything was a good deal I’m still on the fence about the shoes. Although comfortable, they aren’t exactly the most stylish shoes out there…let’s just say I’m keeping the receipt for now!

So what do you think?