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Triumph or Tacky?

9 Jun

This is yet again another catch-up Triumph or Tacky? post but this time it’s a double-header! I’m going to talk about the necklace that I bought for the Week 14 challenge and FINALLY get to the white shirt that I got for the Week 8 challenge (yeah I know, I should have done that one a long time ago!).

If you recall I bought a sliver multi-strand necklace with leucite beads from Jacob for my Week 14 challenge:

Necklace Jacob, shirt Costa Blanca

Overall I have to say that this challenge was a resounding success! Everyone who voted online thought that it was great and I got so many compliments at work! The thing that I love about this necklace is that it really is a great quality necklace (aka doesn’t look like junky costume jewellery) and seems to go with everything. I even wore it with the white dress shirt (see the last image below) and although it blended in with the white it added just a little bit of sparkle to an otherwise basic work outfit. I think that this one qualifies as a triumph!

Now to the white dress shirt that I bought at Costa Blanca for the Week 8 challenge (can you remember that far back?!):

Shirt Costa Blanca


This challenge, although successful, was somewhat less so than the necklace challenge. Not quite everyone thought that it was a great purchase. I think that overall it is a nice staple shirt. The fit is pretty good barring the fact that it’s slightly tight in the arms (but not tight enough to look bad in my opinion) but it isn’t exactly of supreme quality. I’ve only worn it once so I’ll let you know how it wears over time.

I did finally wear the shirt to work this week and no one mentioned anything about it, granted it is just a basic dress shirt though. Overall, I think that this challenge was also a triumph, just not an overwhelming one. I don’t think that it will make it into my top ten triumphs…

Necklace Jacob, shirt Costa Blanca


Well, that’s it for today. Results post coming up on Saturday!

Week 8 Results

9 Apr

This week’s challenge was to find a white dress shirt and I have to say that there is no shortage of options out there in every price range! I found shirts ranging anywhere from $8 at Tommy Hilfiger (there’s a crazy Tommy outlet at the mall near my house) to over $100 at The Bay (including a really nice one in Jeanne Beker’s endorsed line, I don’t remember how much it was but it was way out of my price range).

Although I did find many affordable shirts I was very surprised to discover that it was quite difficult to find one that was a good fit, that  didn’t have too much of a mature vibe to it, or didn’t have a yellow cast to the white colouring. After trying on many options I finally settled on one from Costa Blanca:

Costa Blanca


I really like this shirt because I feel like I can dress it up or down. It came to $16.94 with taxes so it definitely falls within my budget and leaves $3.06 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!


And here it is on me:

Shirt Costa Blanca, jeans Topitop, shoes Aldo



So what do you think?

Week 8 Challenge

3 Apr

It has become quite apparent that my challenges based on up and coming trends are just that, VERY challenging. I know that one of the main purposes of this experiment is to challenge myself but I think that I’ve been focusing solely on trends and not enough on wardrobe staples.

Looking through my wardrobe I don’t have many essentials that could be used in a future work wardrobe and the pieces that I do have are in pretty sad shape so I think that I need to start populating my closet with classic pieces. For example I do not currently own a white dress shirt or a pair of black dress pants (crazy I know!) and my only pencil skirt is circa 1999.

This week I have decided to focus on finding a classic white dress shirt:


GAP $49.95




Burberry Brit $180, Bluefly


Iro $265, NET-A-PORTER


Lanvin $2,530, NET-A-PORTER


I know, I know, a white shirt isn’t exactly exciting but it is a staple piece. Also, to up the ante I’m going to make it my mission to buy the best quality shirt I can possibly find within my itty bitty budget. That is going to involve stalking and searching through A LOT of sales racks!

We’ll see what I manage to find!