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Weeks 47-48 “Results”

2 Apr

You may have noticed that there wasn’t a results post for this challenge. Well, that’s because I didn’t really have any results to post. It wasn’t for a lack of trying though.

I looked for a fun trench coat in many, many stores when I was in Toronto and just couldn’t find anything that either fit into my $40 budget or that I liked enough to buy. I continued looking when I got home but still no luck (FYI the Spring coats in the outwear section at Winners are pretty pathetic at the moment).

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t find anything of course. I did find an affordable Joe Fresh trench coat that came in both bright orange or a royal-ish blue but the orange made my complexion look like I was either jaundiced or a long-lost Jersey Shore cast mate (I’m not sure which is worse) and the blue coat was too dark for my liking.

Joe Fresh MAC Coat $29

So for now I’m going to hold onto my $40 until I find something that I really like. Hopefully I can find something in the next few weeks before it gets too warm to need a coat… thinking that coat-free weather is only weeks away is probably wishful thinking though!

Stay tuned for a new challenge this Sunday. I’m also going to try to start going through my backlog of Triumph or Tacky? posts so I have a lot of writing ahead of me!


Weeks 47-48 Challenge

11 Mar

Alright, after a long pause it’s about time that I give myself a new challenge!

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer (it was 15 C and beautiful today in Toronto!) so it’s time to start thinking about switching from my Winter jacket to a Spring jacket. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had the same beige trench for years:



And even though I bought a black trench for the Weeks 25-26 Challenge I want something that’s more Spring-esque:

What can I say, I have a thing for jackets…

I’m in the mood for either something in red or a bright colour:

Burberry Prorsum Scuba Trench Coat

Moncler, $1120

Or something with a funky pattern:

Burberry Striped Jacquard Slim Trench, $2695


Etro Paisley-Print Degradé Taffeta Trench, $1480


Pucci Cotton Print, $1350


In particular I’m loving the Pucci one but the odds of finding something similar to that for $40 or under is pretty slim!

Nevertheless I’m going to try something fun! I’m hoping that being in Toronto for the next week will give me many more shopping options and that I can find something before I go back home next weekend.

We’ll see what I find. Wish me luck!

Weeks 25-26 Challenge

21 Aug

I really need a new Fall jacket. I know that it’s strange to be thinking of jackets and Fall when it’s August and still blazing hot outside but my mind is already in Paris 😮 Also, Fall is my absolute favourite time of year when it comes to clothing! I don’t know what it is about the Fall, maybe it’s that the colours are so rich and the styles are so classic but I just always get excited about buying new clothes (it may have to do with that whole “back to school” mentality).

At present I own a tan trench coat that I got at Jacob years ago and although it’s in good shape (besides needing a good dry cleaning and pressing) I’m a little tired of it and want something new! Plus it has no hood and isn’t the most waterproof so I think that I need to find something a little more hardy.

I bought this at Jacob probably 6 or 7 years ago.

The other day when I was in Winners (shopping for my last challenge) I came across a beautiful Calvin Klein trench coat. It was black, had a hood, and was made of water-resistant material. Did I mention it was beautiful?

The trench I saw was very similar to this one, also by Calvin Klein


It was $79.99 which actually isn’t a bad price for a designer jacket but sadly $79.99 is double my $40 budget and they only had it in size medium (I wasn’t swimming in it but it just didn’t fit quite right, I think that a smaller size would have been perfect though). Come to think of it, it’s probably a good thing that they didn’t have it in my size otherwise I probably would have walked out of the store with it!

So the black Calvin Klein trench coat is going to be my inspiration for this challenge. Hopefully I can find something similar within my budget because I was really smitten with it and I know that I could get a lot of wear out of such a classic style!

Wish me luck!