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Vacation Dilemma: Challenge or Disconnect?

26 Sep
With less than a week to go I’m starting to think more and more about my trip. Have I started packing yet? Umm no. But I have started worrying/obsessing over what clothing I’m going to pack and how the heck I’m going to fit everything in my suitcase and still have room for any purchases I may be able to squeeze out of my credit card! I know, the horrible burden one must bear for a trip to France!

Louis Vuitton 2009

 On the topic of Paris purchases, I’m in a debate as to whether or not I should take next week off of the Experiment. Part of me wants to give myself a challenge while I’m there (would something like a “Parisian scarf challenge” be too cliché?), but part of me just wants to disconnect from everything so that I can sit back and just absorb the whole experience.


I’m on the fence about this one…thoughts?