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Paris – Part 2: Lesson #2

3 Nov

Continuing on with my series of posts entitled:

“What I Learned About Packing for Paris/My Paris Fashion Disasters”

You're guess is as good as mine on this one...an "exhibit" at Centre George Pompidou


Here is my next lesson (if you missed #1 you can see it here):

Lesson 2 – Pay attention to the weather report!

And by this I mean, actually pay attention to the weather report! Just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean that you should pack for Fall even when the forecast is calling for unseasonably warm and sunny weather!

The gardens outside of Napoleon's tomb at Les Invalides


When we got to Paris it wasn’t just a little warm, it was about 30 degrees (celcius) and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! It was absolutely gorgeous for the first 5 of our 7 days and we enjoyed it but we would have enjoyed it even more if we had packed some summer clothes!

A testament to how hot it was, and this was after cooling off in the Louvre!


I kind of had a feeling that it would be hot but I figured that in Paris the street fashion would have still moved ahead to Fall and wouldn’t be stuck in the last season…boy was I wrong! Everywhere we looked people were decked out in summer clothes!

I had packed some skirts to wear but they were heavier and the only shoes that I brought to wear with them were either heels (not so good for sightseeing) or also too heavy/warm for the heat (except for one pair that didn’t work out, see Lesson #3 which is coming soon). I would have KILLED for a pair of sandals and we tried to find some but of course, none of the stores were carrying sandals anymore, NONE!

Riding boots were great later in the week when it cooled down, not so much in 30 degree weather. Jardins du Luxembourg


We looked everywhere from Les Galeries Lafayette, to random stores, to H&M. We could not find one single pair! Yet every girl on the street was wearing a super cute pair of leather gladiators. Sigh.

So many girls were wearing gladiator style sandals, I kind of thought that they were going out of style though?


Now if I wanted suede boots or anything covered in fur I would have been in luck (H&M I’m looking at you!). I still don’t understand why we couldn’t even find dressy sandals/evening wear sandals, don’t people wear them for fancy nights out, even in the winter?

Thankfully I did pack some tank tops however, a tank top, jeans (not the pair from Lesson #1 of course) and clunky shoes became my uniform. Not the most fashionable look…

Don't even get me started on these shoes...Outside Les Invalides


Thank god for tank tops though and air conditioning! Centre George Pompidou


I don’t care next trip, even if we travel to Siberia I’m packing sandals and a summer dress just in case!

 Next up in my lesson series Lesson #3: If you thought you broke your shoes in before your trip you’re probably wrong.

Weeks 21-22 Challenge

10 Jul

At present I do not own a pair of black work appropriate sandals. That’s not to say that I don’t own any black sandals but they certainly aren’t anything that I could wear in a professional setting.

Here is a rundown of my current black sandal wardrobe.

Exhibit A: 1 pair of Old Navy flip-flops (retail price approximately $3.00)

Old Navy


Exhibit B: 1 pair of 4 inch platform heels from Aldo very similar to these:


As you can see neither of these really works for my day-to-day. Now the problem is I’m not sure of exactly what I want to buy and most of the shoes that I’ve seen in magazines lately are just way too impractical for work (either too high, too fancy or too casual).

So to try something new I figure that this time I will leave the choice up to you. I’ll have a poll open for the next week and then depending on what you choose I’ll go out shopping for that style next week. So here are your choices (I’ve narrowed it down to three styles for simplicity sake):



Can’t wait to see what you pick!