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Week 5 Challenge

6 Mar

After last week’s disastrous challenge I am ready to move on (for the time being at least until I revisit the PS 1 bag challenge, sigh). I have to admit I’m feeling a tad beaten down after the last two challenges so I am going to be a bit kinder to myself this week. This week I am going to focus on finding a ring.

Why a ring you ask? Well I have a little secret to back up my reasoning for choosing such an item (of course if you know me this is the worst kept secret ever, lol): I am going to Mexico! Yay! I don’t want to wear my engagement or wedding rings and risk losing them in the ocean or pool so I figure that this is a perfect opportunity to find a fun little piece of costume jewellery.

Wait a minute (I can hear your thoughts right now), how can a girl who professes to be so broke possibly afford a trip to Mexico? Has she been lying to us this whole time? Did she finally get a job? Win the lottery?

Well, I cannot under normal circumstances afford a trip to Mexico, no I haven’t been lying about my meagre funding, unfortunately I haven’t gotten a job yet, and no, I didn’t win the lottery…BUT I did win this trip!!!! I entered a contest that a travel agency was holding through Facebook and I won! Don’t worry, it’s completely legit, I did all of my homework of course 😮 We leave in 2 weeks and I’m so excited!

Now, enough with the gloating (sorry!) and back to the challenge! Since I am in a much sunnier mood these days I finally feel prepared to welcome spring. I have been dreaming of everything tropical and jewellery with tropical-inspired stones has been catching my eye. The stores are also now stocked with spring clothing and I have felt myself drawn to khaki greens, bright oranges, blues, and soft pinks. For some reason I really seem to have an eye for the soft pinks these days so I have decided that I would like a rose quartz ring.

I haven’t decided the exact style yet. Here are some inspirational pictures though:


Moonlight Mining $48


Georg Jensen €160

David Yurman $1700

Normally I’m drawn to silver/white gold settings but I actually feel like I’m in the mood for yellow gold . I think that the contrast of pink against gold is really beautiful. Quick disclaimer: I fully realize that I will not be getting real gold for under $20, the best I can hope for is a ring that won’t turn my finger green!

Joolwe $329.99

Marie-Hélène de Taillac $2050

I know that these rings aren’t pink quartz but I really like the style of them:

Ariella Collection $72

I’m not sure how yellow gold will compliment my skin (it will probably look much better with a tan). I’m also not sure about the actual size/weight of the rings. I have skinny fingers so really chunky rings just look ridiculous on me. We’ll see what I find though!