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Triumph or Tacky?

25 May

Alright, so I’m going to try to get back on a schedule with my Triumph or Tacky? posts again! Today I’m going to write about last week’s challenge skirt and then later this week I’ll continue playing catch up with my other challenge outfits.

So I am happy to report that last week’s running skirt challenge was a resounding success! Everyone who voted thought that I did great and the family and friends that I showed the skirt to also really liked it!


I wore it out on a 5K run on Monday and I have to say that even though the run itself was a bit uncomfortable (it’s been awhile) the running skirt was extremely comfortable! I was very surprised!

I have found in the past that a lot of Old Navy clothing is cheaply made so I didn’t have high hopes for their athletic wear. I was also a little worried about the size of the skirt since their clothing runs quite large (again, back to my vanity sizing rant). I had nothing to worry about though, it fits perfectly!

The shorts under the skirt barely rode up during my run (much less than my more expensive Adidas running skirt), the skirt itself didn’t ride up at all, and even with some strong winds the skirt didn’t flip-up. On top of that, the fact that it has a drawstring waist meant that I could tighten it as much as I needed. I have to say, I am actually very impressed and it makes me want to check out their other athletic wear.

All in all I consider this challenge to be triumph! Thumbs up for Old Navy running skirts!

Week 13 Results

21 May

Time for this week’s results post! I had actually resolved myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to successfully complete this week’s challenge of finding a new running skirt. Earlier in the week I did a whirlwind tour of sporting goods stores (two Sports Experts, SportCheck, Lululemon), department stores (two Sears, two the Bay, Zellers), and other clothing stores (Old Navy, Smart Set, American Apparel) and although I came across many cute running skirts nothing I found was within my budget. In fact nothing was under $50!

At that point I was getting pretty worried, especially when my husband smugly pointed out that looking for a running skirt on sale at the beginning of running season probably wasn’t the smartest idea…

Last night I figured that I would try one more sporting goods store at an outlet mall (Sportmart) but again, I had no luck (in fact they didn’t have any running skirts at all). In one last-ditch attempt my husband and I went into another Old Navy store at the outlet mall (since Old Navy tends to be a good fallback for this experiment) and amazingly there it was hanging from a rack, one lone running skirt, size XS:

Old Navy


It was actually my husband who spotted it and it was strange because there wasn’t a single other running skirt in the whole store. Now the price on the tag said $19.99 but everything around it was 30% off so I figured that I would see if it was on sale:

When I got to the cash I found out that it was actually on clearance for $8.99! With taxes the total came to $10.16 which leaves me with a total of $9.84 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

I have to say that I am really happy with this purchase. Not only was the skirt a total steal but it’s also really comfortable and the fact that it has a drawstring waist is a total plus (since I’m sure that you’re aware of my issues with Old Navy’s sizing system).

Here it is on me in the usual cheesy posed shot:

Top La Senza (they used to sell workout wear), skirt Old Navy, shoes Nike

And in a goofy “action shot” where for some reason my shadow looks a little off, and kind of creepy…

So what do you think?

Week 7 Results

2 Apr

This week I once again had a difficult challenge on my hands since I picked a trend that is only just beginning to appear in stores. If you recall I picked a floral dress inspired by D&G’s 2011 spring campaign:

I especially liked the third dress from the left but I never did actually manage to find out what it retails for.

So how did I do? Well, as I mentioned this one was tough (I am starting to consider implementing a black sock challenge one of these weeks…). In total I visited three malls, a string of outlet stores, two thrift stores, Walmart, and even GT Boutique (if you aren’t Canadian GT Boutique is the nickname for Giant Tiger a super discount store, although it isn’t anything close to “Tar-zhay” it has earned its own nickname for its affordable/cheap clothes). I spent hours combing through stores and racks of clothing and I have a confession: I cheated on the rules a bit.

Now before you judge me too much let me present you with what I found. I have three looks for your consideration, unfortunately, none are very close to the particular dress that I liked but I worked with what I could find. I will return the two dresses that receive the least amount of votes and if a look is chosen that costs more than my $20 budget I will make a compromise by removing some money from the SpendThrift Savings Bank.

Let’s start with the two “cheat” looks I found. Both are from Old Navy (I’m starting to get a little worried about how much clothing I’m buying from them for this experiment…) and both cost more than $20 with taxes.

Look #1 is a floral chiffon dress:

It originally retailed for $39.50 but was on sale for $23.70. After taxes the grand total came to $26.78. Now I do like this dress and I think it bears a small resemblance to the second dress from the right (I’m still not sure if the D&G one is a dress or a romper) in the ad but I’m not quite sure about how it looks on me:


Pardon the fuzzy image and weird arms. Dress Old Navy, shoes FX


Here’s a bit of a clearer image:

I think that it may look a little too big and I couldn’t find a smaller size (a rant about Old Navy’s sizing system is coming one of these days…). I’ll let you be the judge.

Look #2, also from Old Navy, is a cross-front jersey dress:

It sold for $19.50 before taxes which puts it just a little over my budget at $22.04 with taxes. I also like this dress but its pattern and cut really don’t fit with the D&G mould so I’m unsure about it. Here it is on me:

Dear lord! Someone please buy me a book on posing/facial expressions for Christmas...this is awful, I look like I've had a few too many! Dress Old Navy, shoes Bos & Co.

Finally, look #3 is one that actually falls within the rules! According to Sirens it is a “career woven dress” and it came to a grand total of $18.08 with taxes:

Honestly, I fail to see where the “career” and “dress” parts come in since it’s pretty short (ok, yes I know it is from Sirens), and where the “woven” part comes in, and I don’t know if I would actually wear it sans pants or tights but I do kind of like it. My husband thinks it’s hideous though, but he doesn’t like floral prints in the first place so I don’t think his opinion counts, lol.

Here it is on me:

Dress Sirens, boots Upper East Side


Now I have two questions for you this week:

Triumph or Tacky?

31 Mar

This week’s edition of Triumph or Tacky? is going to be a double-header! It will focus on the ring from the Week 5 challenge and the fedora from the Week 6 challenge.

If you recall, I bought this rose quartz-style ring from Aldo to wear on my trip to Mexico:



Overall I’m quite happy with this purchase and everyone I showed it to also seemed to like it! Here’s the big question though, how did it hold up to sun, sand, sea water, and sunscreen (say that three times fast!)? Well, given that it’s a plastic ring some degree of wear and tear was to be expected:

Honestly, my original thought was that it would melt in reaction to the sun and sunscreen or it would end up completely scratched/destroyed by the sand. I was pleasantly surprised that with the exception of some scratches it held up really well and even has a more vintage vibe to it now! It has survived well enough to be worn again another day! I’d say this qualifies as a triumph!


Now what about the fedora?

Old Navy


As much as I love this fedora not everyone felt the same way. Some people I polled thought that it looked too masculine. Also, after having some friends over one night we discovered that it looks awesome on my husband! I wanted to post a picture of him in the fedora but I think that he’s a little shy about being featured in my blog so I don’t have a picture for you unfortunately. Trust me though, it looks really good on him!

Although it is a masculine hat (and again looks better on my husband) I still happily wore it down south:

The Aldo ring shows in this one, it's a little hard to see with my pasty skin though...


Over the course of our vacation, and after perusing some local shops (did you really think that I wouldn’t do at least some shopping?), I actually came across the cutest hat! This one is definitely ultra-feminine and has more of an old-school vibe to it:

My husband was sweet enough to purchase it for me and we came up with a compromise: I got the new hat and he got the fedora!

Here’s the hat on me:

Attempting my best 50's catalog model pose


Even better, the new hat actually came in at $15 US so even though it isn’t technically part of the SpendThrift Experiment it still follows the rules. I think that this is definitely a triumphant purchase!

What do you think?

Week 6 Results

19 Mar

I fully admit that I neglected my blog this week. I really meant to write at least one other post but I ended up getting completely sick so I chose to focus on getting better for my trip. That meant a lot of time in bed and not much time in front of my computer so I apologize!

Next week I will also be absent from blogging but at least I have a much more festive reason for it, I’m leaving for Mexico in a matter of hours! So what does that mean for the SpendThift Experiment? Well, it’s going on hiatus for a week. The Week 7 challenge will begin on Monday the 29th leaving me with one less shopping day for that challenge. It’s a price I’m willing to pay for laying on a beach for a week 😮

So how did I do for the Week 6 challenge? Well after some serious shopping (thankfully right before I got really sick) I managed to find a great fedora at Old Navy:

Old Navy $14.50

I found it in the menswear section and I really like that it’s a darker brown colour. I wasn’t really a big fan of their women’s fedoras since they were a much lighter straw colour but they were still cute. I know that this hat isn’t nearly as nice or as well constructed as the Banana Republic hat that I fell in love with:

Banana Republic $50

But it’s still a fun hat and will hopefully hold up to the elements. It’s also much more affordable coming in at $16.39 with taxes:

That leaves $3.61 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

And how does the fedora look on me?

You’ll have to excuse the creative license that I took with this picture. As I mentioned I’ve been sick so I look like something the cat dragged in (and then proceeded to drag up and down the stairs several times). I promise that I’ll take a much better picture (aka one where I’m not deliberately hiding my face) on my trip and will post it when I get back.

So what do you think?

One last note. There will be no Triump or Tacky? post this week but there will be a double post the week after for both the fedora and the Week 5 challenge ring.

Now I’m off to pack my bags! See you all in a week!