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The challenge begins…

7 Feb

Today I began to shop for the first week’s challenge and I’m already realizing that this whole experiment will be harder than I originally thought. I knew when I came up with the idea for this endeavour that it would be difficult to find specific articles of clothing for $20 or under, but I think that I underestimated how difficult it would be to find specific articles of clothing in general! But as Raine (my husband) told me when I got home, this wouldn’t be a very good experiment/challenge if the tasks were easy!

I began my day with optimism. I had a hair appointment* at a local mall and I figured that since I was already at the mall it would be a good opportunity to start looking through a few stores for the cardigan (since I’m a grad student I have the luxury of controlling my own work schedule). I was feeling great as I left the salon with shiny swinging hair, Marie Claire magazine spread and $20 in hand…that is until I actually started searching for a clone of the Marc Jacobs cardigan!

My strategy was to start with sale racks and look for anything that even remotely resembled the cardigan. After searching through a few stores and finding nothing similar to what I was looking for, I decided to switch my strategy to looking for any cardigan that looked like it in any part of the store (even if it cost more than $20). At least that way I would know that there were similar looks out there. Well, after going through about ten stores I found absolutely nothing! Nada! I even tried stores that I wouldn’t normally shop at e.g. those that sell styles completely opposite to my own or cater to opposite ends of the age spectrum (I have to say, I got a few looks from some sales associates and felt a little out-of-place in some of these stores but it’s good to broaden your horizons right?). Needless to say my lack of success worries me a little… BUT I did learn a few things while I was shopping and have come up with some new ideas for this experiment (and also some issues with it) so the trip wasn’t a total loss. I’ll blog about some of these in the future.

Well, this is just the beginning of this challenge and I still have the rest of the week to search so it makes no sense to get discouraged this early in the game! Hopefully I have better luck on my next shopping trip!

*Just a quick note here: I am still broke. Yes, I was getting my hair done but that was a huge luxury since I haven’t had a haircut since October. I used to get full highlights along with a haircut every 8 weeks or so, this was pared down to getting my hair coloured and cut ~every 10 weeks when my funds started to fizzle out, and now I’m down to a box of drugstore hair dye and a quarter-yearly cut (*sigh*) paid for with Christmas money from my parents that I saved up. If you see me on the street please tell me that my hair colour looks nice, lie if you have to…lol.


6 Feb

So it is officially my first challenge of the experiment! I wanted to pick something relatively easy to find so I decided to start with a cardigan. It’s winter so this should be pretty easy to find right? I saw a cardigan that I thought was really cute in a spread in Marie Claire’s February 2011 issue:

[Marie Claire]

It’s by Marc Jacobs and it retails for $995 US. According to Saks it’s: “A classic striped cardigan in a rich blend of silk and cashmere. Button front closure, three-quarter sleeves, rib knit neck, cuff, and hem”.

I also LOVE the Theory skirt but with only $20 to spend I’m going to stick with just the cardigan. This is my first challenge so we’ll see how successful I am!