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Weeks 45-46 Results

18 Feb

This challenge was to find a sleeveless blouse inspired by the top of  this beautiful dress by Suno and the (frequently recurring) polka dot trend:

Suno Spring/Summer 2012 runway show

So how did I do? Well, I found not one but two options! They aren’t perfect, and I didn’t manage to really capture polka dots, but both tops embody some of the feel of the dress.

Top #1 I found at Jacob:

Jacob $19.99, front

Jacob, back

I know, I know, it doesn’t have polka dots but I really like the pattern and it has a somewhat similar shape to the top of the Suno dress. Plus it would be really cute under a jacket for work. At $22.59 with taxes it also fits nicely into my budget.

Top #2 I found at Smart Set:

Smart Set $14.99, front

Smart Set, back

It may be a little hard to get a feel for the look of this one, unfortunately it’s missing one of the loops you hang it with so I had to put it on a flat surface to take pictures. Maybe that’s why this top was an even better bargain at $16.94 after taxes.

Again, no polka dots but at least the sequins are sort of like polka dots…I may be grasping a bit with this one! I do love the shape of the top though and the back is really fun!

So what do think? Are either of these a hit or am I going back to the store(s)?


Weeks 33-34 Update

24 Jan

I’ve been meaning to post this update for a long time but better late than never!

If you recall, I was looking for a peplum blazer for the Weeks 33-34 Challenge but to my great disappointment I came up short. I mentioned that I would keep a lookout for a blazer during my other shopping escapades and I think that I may have lucked out (I love post-Christmas sales!). And I mean really lucked out!

Now it isn’t a peplum blazer, more of a classic two-button style, however, I couldn’t pass this one by when I came across it at the Jacob outlet:


Jacob, back

Especially when I saw the price! Originally it was selling for $159.90 and I got it for…wait for it…the incredible price of $14.99! If this isn’t a deal I don’t know what is!

It was 50% off the last price!

It’s a great addition to my work wardrobe and also has a great fit to it so I’m feeling quite triumphant on this one! It wasn’t what I was originally looking for in a blazer but I think that it actually worked out better in the end because I got a really good quality classic piece.

My poor attempt at a self-portrait to show off the silhouette

More clear but less clear at the same time...

Oh, and I also cheated a bit and bought a pair of pajama shorts but I’m sure that you can forgive me given the fact that they only cost $2.49 after all of the discounts were applied lol!

Jacob $2.49

So the grand total for this shopping trip was $19.75.

Not bad if I do say so myself, and I do 😮

Triumph or Tacky?

9 Jun

This is yet again another catch-up Triumph or Tacky? post but this time it’s a double-header! I’m going to talk about the necklace that I bought for the Week 14 challenge and FINALLY get to the white shirt that I got for the Week 8 challenge (yeah I know, I should have done that one a long time ago!).

If you recall I bought a sliver multi-strand necklace with leucite beads from Jacob for my Week 14 challenge:

Necklace Jacob, shirt Costa Blanca

Overall I have to say that this challenge was a resounding success! Everyone who voted online thought that it was great and I got so many compliments at work! The thing that I love about this necklace is that it really is a great quality necklace (aka doesn’t look like junky costume jewellery) and seems to go with everything. I even wore it with the white dress shirt (see the last image below) and although it blended in with the white it added just a little bit of sparkle to an otherwise basic work outfit. I think that this one qualifies as a triumph!

Now to the white dress shirt that I bought at Costa Blanca for the Week 8 challenge (can you remember that far back?!):

Shirt Costa Blanca


This challenge, although successful, was somewhat less so than the necklace challenge. Not quite everyone thought that it was a great purchase. I think that overall it is a nice staple shirt. The fit is pretty good barring the fact that it’s slightly tight in the arms (but not tight enough to look bad in my opinion) but it isn’t exactly of supreme quality. I’ve only worn it once so I’ll let you know how it wears over time.

I did finally wear the shirt to work this week and no one mentioned anything about it, granted it is just a basic dress shirt though. Overall, I think that this challenge was also a triumph, just not an overwhelming one. I don’t think that it will make it into my top ten triumphs…

Necklace Jacob, shirt Costa Blanca


Well, that’s it for today. Results post coming up on Saturday!

Week 14 Results

28 May

So this week’s challenge was to find a long, multi-strand necklace. Although I had found several inspiration pieces online, such as this one by Rosantica:

Rosantica $525, Net-A-Porter

And this one by Ippolita:

Ippolita $1818, Saks

I didn’t have a set style of strand in mind. My only criteria were that it be long, and have more than one stand.

So what did I end up finding in my search? Well after looking through various accessory stores (like Ardene and Claire’s) where I found quite a few cheap options (that also looked pretty cheaply made), I wanted to find something that looked and felt more expensive (even if it wasn’t really expensive).

I actually lucked out at Jacob and not the outlet store for once! All of their jewellery was %40 off and they had a ton of long multi-strand necklaces! For once I had trouble deciding between a multitude of options that all fell within my budget! Yay!

Here’s the one that I finally decided on after a lot of thought and consideration:

Jacob, originally $25.90

It has silver chains with clear square leucite beads and was originally selling for $25.90. Since it was %40 off, after taxes the total came to $17.56 leaving $2.44 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

I have to admit, I’m really smitten with this necklace. I think that it looks great, much more expensive than it actually was, has a good weight to it, and since the beads are clear it will go with pretty much any colour:

I had a little bit of fun with my camera and different coloured backgrounds this week 🙂

I didn’t take a picture of me wearing it since it is a necklace and it will look pretty similar on everyone (ok that might be up for debate depending on someone’s height, chest size etc…) but if you’re wondering how it looks on a person I’ll post a picture in this week’s edition of Triumph or Tacky? once I wear it to work.

Well, as much as I love this necklace my opinion isn’t the only one that matters! Time to find out what you think!

Triumph or Tacky?

27 May

I am yet again playing post catch-up so here is another edition of Triumph or Tacky! This time I am going to report back on reactions to my Week 12 challenge colour blocking outfit.

I finally got a chance to wear the shirt and capris to a BBQ at my parent’s place last weekend and it seemed (to me) like the perfect outfit for a bright almost-summer evening in the backyard lounging by the pool!

Colourfully lounging by the (very cold!) pool


Although I think that the outfit is really fun and very summery I’m not sure that everyone agrees.

My Dad raised his eyebrows and murmured something about me joining the circus or marching in a parade (I’ll ignore that I heard that last remark) and my Mom gave me one of those “Well, I guess that you can get away with bright colours in the summer…” comments.

My husband was much more blunt telling me that he doesn’t like the capris at all “Because they’re purple” but he does like the shirt (orange just happens to be one of his favourite colours though).

At least the online votes were much more positive. Almost everyone thought that I did great on this challenge! Come to think of it though, someone voting that I did well fulfilling the challenge is not necessarily the same thing as them liking the actual outfit. Hmm…

For now I’m just going to pretend that everyone (family excluded) loved it, lol!

Results post tomorrow, stay tuned!


Week 12 Results

14 May

This week was a very busy week. I always knew that my world would be completely different once I had to balance a full-time job with school work and everything else in my life but I still don’t think that I was fully prepared for how crazy it would be (seriously, I have no idea how you people with kids manage to fit everything into your week, my hat is off to you!). It was pretty hard to actually find time to shop but I’m very happy to say that I did and I was successful at finding some items for the challenge!

Just as a quick reminder, my goal for this week’s challenge was to find an article or articles of clothing that embodied the colour blocking trend and I was specifically inspired by Gucci’s Spring 2011 campaign:



So what did I find? Well, I managed to purchase not one but two items of clothing and stay within my $20 budget! Both items were found at the Jacob outlet store (another one of those stores that I seem to frequent for this experiment) and they were an absolute steal since on top of already low prices everything was an additional %30 off! My total came to a budget friendly $18.18 leaving $1.82 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

The first piece that I found was a cute top for $12.99:

Jacob, front



Back detailing


Although I was originally hoping to find a skirt or even a pair of Gucci-esque pants I didn’t have much luck finding anything very formal looking. Instead, I ended up purchasing a fun pair of purple capri pants for $10.00:



In all honesty, I don’t think that these pieces paired together will make a very good outfit for my office environment. As much as I love fun trends something tells me that some of the “suits” at work might not appreciate such a crazy look. Instead, I have decided to dub this outfit my crazy summer BBQ outfit!

A very bright outfit on a very gloomy day!


Top and capris Jacob, shoes Winners

Seriously, how fun is this for a BBQ? Well, I think that it’s fun at least, I’m not sure that everyone else will agree…

So what do you think?

Week 11 Results

30 Apr

This week’s challenge was to find one of those staples that everyone should have in their wardrobe, a pair of black dress pants. If you recall I was inspired by some Theory pants that I saw online:

Theory Max C


So how did I do? Well, I managed to find not one but two pairs of black dress pants! They aren’t quite as high-end as the pants from Theory but they were a steal at $10 each at the Jacob outlet store! Now I know that I broke the SpendThrift Experiment  rules since with taxes my purchases came to a grand total of $22.60 but I’m willing to take a $2.60 hit for the benefit of having two pairs of dress pants (I will adjust the Savings Bank accordingly). I’m also happy because they are both slightly different in terms of style and fit.

Here is the first pair:

Jacob $10

And here is the second pair:
Jacob $10

 Please pardon the wrinkles on the pants.
Now you will notice that the pictures above are just of the pants and not of me wearing the pants. That’s because in my moments of savouring my victory after I purchased them I decided to take them to the tailor to be hemmed (one pair for heels, the other for flats) and was completely oblivious to the fact that I needed to take pictures of me in them first (which you think I would have realized since I remembered enough to take pictures of the pants themselves).
In my defense I have been ridiculously busy and I haven’t quite been thinking straight. This past week I was painting my kitchen cabinets (let me reiterate here what a nightmare that has been), was trying to get some school work done, had something VERY exciting happen (I will elaborate more on that in my post tomorrow), had an amazingly fun royal wedding sleepover with one of my best friends (sitting in front of the TV wearing your pajamas and a tiara while drinking champagne at 6am on a Friday morning is fantastic!), oh and had my laptop completely messed up by some crazy computer virus!!! This last one has been a huge source of stress since ALL of my files are on my laptop (and of course I haven’t backed up anything in weeks…PhD candidate does not automatically = smart) so I’m feeling a little disoriented trying to work on my blog on another computer. Oh well, ces’t la vie and unfortunately these things happen (fingers crossed that my tech savy husband gets my laptop up and running again soon though)!
What I will do is post pictures of me in the pants on Tuesday in a Triumph or Tacky post and will put my usual “How did I do?” poll there. That way I can see if everyone agrees with my opinion of how I did on this week’s challenge!
Big news tomorrow so stay tuned 🙂