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Weeks 45-46 Results

18 Feb

This challenge was to find a sleeveless blouse inspired by the top of  this beautiful dress by Suno and the (frequently recurring) polka dot trend:

Suno Spring/Summer 2012 runway show

So how did I do? Well, I found not one but two options! They aren’t perfect, and I didn’t manage to really capture polka dots, but both tops embody some of the feel of the dress.

Top #1 I found at Jacob:

Jacob $19.99, front

Jacob, back

I know, I know, it doesn’t have polka dots but I really like the pattern and it has a somewhat similar shape to the top of the Suno dress. Plus it would be really cute under a jacket for work. At $22.59 with taxes it also fits nicely into my budget.

Top #2 I found at Smart Set:

Smart Set $14.99, front

Smart Set, back

It may be a little hard to get a feel for the look of this one, unfortunately it’s missing one of the loops you hang it with so I had to put it on a flat surface to take pictures. Maybe that’s why this top was an even better bargain at $16.94 after taxes.

Again, no polka dots but at least the sequins are sort of like polka dots…I may be grasping a bit with this one! I do love the shape of the top though and the back is really fun!

So what do think? Are either of these a hit or am I going back to the store(s)?

Weeks 41-42 Results

14 Jan

Alright so you’re either going to think that I’m crazy or brilliant on this one!

If you recall, this challenge was a biggie! It was to find a dress similar to this wrap dress from the Rachel Zoe pre-Fall collection:

Rachel Zoe pre-fall on INSTYLE.COM

I had huge doubts in my ability to find something but I think that I may have actually been successful on this one (but then again that’s up to you to decide).

So what did I find? Okay bear with me here…

I know that the pattern is kind of crazy, and nothing like the giraffe pattern of the Rachel Zoe dress, and nothing like any of the patterns that I normally wear, but what I ended up buying was this bathing suit cover up/dress/shirt (honestly I have no idea exactly what it qualifies as, the receipt says “junior trend”) from Winners:

Winners $9.99, front


Insane? Perhaps. But it did come in at a bargain basement price of $9.99!

Since it is very billowy and I had a lot of room left in my budget I also purchased this (reversible) belt for $16.99:

So all together my entire purchase came to $30.49 taxes in!


Now here’s the true test, this is how it looks on me:

"Dress" and belt Winners, shoes Steve Madden

So what do you think? Did I have a temporary bout of insanity on this challenge?

Weeks 41-42 Challenge

2 Jan

My first challenge of the new year is going to be a doozy and is probably overly ambitious but I’m going to give it a try!

While surfing the net on my bus ride home one day I came across Rachel Zoe’s pre-Fall collection on In Style’s website (you can check it out here or by clicking on the pictures below) and I fell in love!

INSTYLE.COM photo. Click on the picture to take you to their blog and the slideshow of Rachel Zoe's pre-Fall collectiion


Now Rachel Zoe seems to be one of those people who is either loved or hated by the masses. Personally I love her and I think that she has killer style and this style is showcased in this pretty spectacular new collection.

In particular I am completely smitten with this ah-may-zing dress:

Rachel Zoe pre-Fall collection on INSTYLE.COM


Now I have no idea how much it costs or how the heck I’m going to be able to find something at all similar, especially for $40 or less, but I am in love with it! I think that it is so versatile: pair it with tights in the Winter and/or high boots, with bare legs in Spring/Summer or even wear it over a bathing suit. This dress could do it all!

So we’ll see what happens with this one. I’m probably slightly delusional if I think that I’m going to find anything for this challenge but please send me some good vibes!

Weeks 19-20 Results

9 Jul

For this challenge I was trying to find a brown belt to go with the white dress that I bought for the Weeks 17-18 Challenge:

Dress Joe Fresh

If you recall, my inspiration was a look in a spread in Self Magazine:

Anne Menke, Self Magazine. Dress Peter Som $1,395, necklace Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel $275, belt Forever 21 $9, bag Jamin Puech $470, shoes J.Crew $148

So what did I find? Well, I found a really interesting and different stretch belt made of straw and faux leather!

Belt Smart Set

I really like this belt because I’ve actually never seen anything like it. I’m also very happy that I found it because the process of finding a belt was really difficult! I looked absolutely everywhere! Malls, outlet stores, online, thrift shops/vintage stores, and I either couldn’t find anything that was within my now robust $40 budget, or everything was a size medium or larger ( and when we’re talking larger I really mean larger! Again, back to my issue with vanity sizing…).

The whole process was quite frustrating! However, if you do have more than $40 to spend and are looking for beautiful belts try Club Monaco for very classic styles or Lucky Brand for more rugged styles (I even saw some size smalls and extra-smalls at these stores!).

I finally came across it at Smart Set where it was selling for $18 (along with a bunch of other great belts!):

After taxes it came to a budget friendly total of $20.34 leaving $19.66 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

And here it is on me paired with the white Joe Fresh dress:

So what do you think?

Happy Canada Day from the Capital of Will and Kate Mania!

1 Jul

Happy Canada Day from the nation’s capital which also happens to be the current capital of William and Kate mania!

On Kate: Nannette dress by Reiss, topper by Sylvia Fletcher of Lock and Co.(Picture: Splashnews.com)


Although we aren’t going to brave the crowds downtown to try to catch a glimpse of Will and Kate (ok, it would be just to see Kate and her outfit really but honestly, after many years of spending Canada Day on the Hill the novelty has worn off and the crowds, heat and lack of patio seating aren’t exactly a draw, lol), I have been keeping tabs on Kate’s style choices, which have been impeccable so far! I thought that it would be fun to report back on what she wore so stay tuned for that tomorrow when I will give a recount of what the world’s current style darling wore in Ottawa! Just an FYI, if you liked what she wore and want it, especially the Canadian designed pieces, they’re already sold out, lol!

In the meantime I’m off to find a patio outside of the downtown core on which to enjoy some cold beer, great friends, and beautiful weather!

 I hope that all of my fellow Canadians are having an amazing day celebrating this great country of ours! Have fun and be safe 😮

Weeks 19-20 Challenge

26 Jun

Building on my last challenge, my challenge over the next two weeks will be to find a belt to compliment the dress that just bought:

Dress Joe Fresh

I’m not normally a fan of belts since I’m short-waisted, and I’ve never found one that actually fits me properly, BUT I do think that this dress needs one otherwise it just looks too shapeless. I’m going to try to find something that matches my original inspiration outfit featured in a spread in Self Magazine:

Anne Menke, Self Magazine. Dress Peter Som $1,395, necklace Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel $275, belt Forever 21 $9, bag Jamin Puech $470, shoes J.Crew $148

Now I know that the belt in this picture is from Forever 21, and retails for a very affordable $9, but with a much healthier budget of $40, and no Forever 21 in my city (which I am also not too keen on shopping at anyways because of their current threats of legal action against one of my favourite blogs WTForever 21), I am going to try to find something of better quality made out of real leather (or at least something vintage or a belt that is very nicely constructed out of faux leather…if something looks just as good I would rather not buy a product made out of an animal!).

We’ll see what I end up finding, again I have NEVER had luck with belts so this should be a challenge! Wish me luck!

***A quick note: the Weeks 17-18 results post has been updated with pictures and a poll so if you get a chance please vote :o***

Weeks 17-18 Results

25 Jun

This is going to be a quick post tonight since I haven’t gotten a chance to take a picture of myself in my challenge outfit (busy day = hair and makeup that really aren’t picture-worthy, lol) but I do have pictures of what I bought and I will update this post to add the picture of myself and a poll (see updates below!).

If you recall, my challenge for Week 17, which subsequently became the Weeks 17-18 challenge (with a bigger $40 budget), was to find a white dress inspired by a spread in Self Magazine:

Anne Menke, Self Magazine. Dress Peter Som $1,395, necklace Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel $275, belt Forever 21 $9, bag Jamin Puech $470, shoes J.Crew $148

After searching high and low and finding nothing in my original $20 budget, and then nothing in my new $40 budget, I finally came across a tunic style dress/cover-up by Joe Fresh ( once again) at the grocery store!

Joe Fresh, $19

Joe Fresh, $19

It was an even greater find since it was selling for only $19 and after taxes it came in at the very affordable price of $21.47! With my new budget that leaves me with a whopping $18.53 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

Although it is more of a tunic than a true dress, is a little see-through (I may need a slip to put under it…wow, don’t I sound like a Grandma with that one!), and the shape is a little hard decipher without actually seeing it on an actual person, I really do think that it embodies the feeling of the Peter Som dress in the Self Magazine picture.

Dress Joe Fresh, shoes Chinese Laundry


Dress Joe Fresh

I’m actually quite surprised at how similar the structure is. Now all I need is a belt to complete the look…now if that isn’t a hint about my next challenge I don’t know what is 😮

Now keep in mind this isn't really a belt in this picture, it's actually the strap of my Mossimo bag, lol! It's more to show how this dress really needs a belt!


So what do you think?

Week 17 Challenge

12 Jun

For this week’s challenge I am going to go back to inspiration pieces that I have come across in fashion magazines (definitely more high-fashion looks than running gear!).

I have a subscription to Self and they had an awesome spread called “White Hot” in their June 2011 issue (you can check out the slide show of the spread here). Now I absolutely love the look of white pants, blouses, and especially dresses for summer. I love them even more when they’re paired with brown!

So this week I am going to try to find a white dress that I will pair with brown accessories! Here are my inspirations from the Self Magazine spread:

Anne Menke, Self Magazine. Dress Tommy Hilfiger $398, shoes Repetto $315, sunglasses Yves St Laurent $275, bracelets Sequin $25 each, bag Salvatore Ferragamo $2,750

The look in this picture is my absolute favourite:

Anne Menke, Self Magazine. Dress Peter Som $1,395, necklace Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel $275, belt Forever 21 $9, bag Jamin Puech $470, shoes J.Crew $148

I think that finding something similar to the dresses above is going to be very challenging but I’m up for it! I really love these looks so fingers crossed I can find something.

Wish me luck!

Week 7 Results

2 Apr

This week I once again had a difficult challenge on my hands since I picked a trend that is only just beginning to appear in stores. If you recall I picked a floral dress inspired by D&G’s 2011 spring campaign:

I especially liked the third dress from the left but I never did actually manage to find out what it retails for.

So how did I do? Well, as I mentioned this one was tough (I am starting to consider implementing a black sock challenge one of these weeks…). In total I visited three malls, a string of outlet stores, two thrift stores, Walmart, and even GT Boutique (if you aren’t Canadian GT Boutique is the nickname for Giant Tiger a super discount store, although it isn’t anything close to “Tar-zhay” it has earned its own nickname for its affordable/cheap clothes). I spent hours combing through stores and racks of clothing and I have a confession: I cheated on the rules a bit.

Now before you judge me too much let me present you with what I found. I have three looks for your consideration, unfortunately, none are very close to the particular dress that I liked but I worked with what I could find. I will return the two dresses that receive the least amount of votes and if a look is chosen that costs more than my $20 budget I will make a compromise by removing some money from the SpendThrift Savings Bank.

Let’s start with the two “cheat” looks I found. Both are from Old Navy (I’m starting to get a little worried about how much clothing I’m buying from them for this experiment…) and both cost more than $20 with taxes.

Look #1 is a floral chiffon dress:

It originally retailed for $39.50 but was on sale for $23.70. After taxes the grand total came to $26.78. Now I do like this dress and I think it bears a small resemblance to the second dress from the right (I’m still not sure if the D&G one is a dress or a romper) in the ad but I’m not quite sure about how it looks on me:


Pardon the fuzzy image and weird arms. Dress Old Navy, shoes FX


Here’s a bit of a clearer image:

I think that it may look a little too big and I couldn’t find a smaller size (a rant about Old Navy’s sizing system is coming one of these days…). I’ll let you be the judge.

Look #2, also from Old Navy, is a cross-front jersey dress:

It sold for $19.50 before taxes which puts it just a little over my budget at $22.04 with taxes. I also like this dress but its pattern and cut really don’t fit with the D&G mould so I’m unsure about it. Here it is on me:

Dear lord! Someone please buy me a book on posing/facial expressions for Christmas...this is awful, I look like I've had a few too many! Dress Old Navy, shoes Bos & Co.

Finally, look #3 is one that actually falls within the rules! According to Sirens it is a “career woven dress” and it came to a grand total of $18.08 with taxes:

Honestly, I fail to see where the “career” and “dress” parts come in since it’s pretty short (ok, yes I know it is from Sirens), and where the “woven” part comes in, and I don’t know if I would actually wear it sans pants or tights but I do kind of like it. My husband thinks it’s hideous though, but he doesn’t like floral prints in the first place so I don’t think his opinion counts, lol.

Here it is on me:

Dress Sirens, boots Upper East Side


Now I have two questions for you this week:

Week 7 Challenge

28 Mar

I have finally returned from my vacation (which BTW was amazing, I love Mexico!) and am ready to take on another fashion challenge! I’m really looking forward to it too, I feel like the weeks leading up to my trip were so busy that my blog didn’t get the attention it deserves. I’m now feeling refreshed and am ready to rectify the situation!

So what have I decided on this week? Well, over the course of my vacation I had plenty of time to do some fashion research (aka reading magazines on the plane and beach) and I have decided that I would like to tackle this spring’s floral trend. I think that being in the tropics really got me in the mood for florals and all things bright and tropical! I was really drawn to D&G’s Spring 2011 campaign ads:

I especially like the third dress from the left in this one:

So this week’s challenge will be to find a floral dress! Hopefully the weather here warms up soon so that I can actually wear it sooner then later without having to layer a sweater/jacket and tights with it (I’m still in shock from going from +30 C back to sub-zero termperatures!).

Wish me luck!