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Triumph or Tacky?

27 May

I am yet again playing post catch-up so here is another edition of Triumph or Tacky! This time I am going to report back on reactions to my Week 12 challenge colour blocking outfit.

I finally got a chance to wear the shirt and capris to a BBQ at my parent’s place last weekend and it seemed (to me) like the perfect outfit for a bright almost-summer evening in the backyard lounging by the pool!

Colourfully lounging by the (very cold!) pool


Although I think that the outfit is really fun and very summery I’m not sure that everyone agrees.

My Dad raised his eyebrows and murmured something about me joining the circus or marching in a parade (I’ll ignore that I heard that last remark) and my Mom gave me one of those “Well, I guess that you can get away with bright colours in the summer…” comments.

My husband was much more blunt telling me that he doesn’t like the capris at all “Because they’re purple” but he does like the shirt (orange just happens to be one of his favourite colours though).

At least the online votes were much more positive. Almost everyone thought that I did great on this challenge! Come to think of it though, someone voting that I did well fulfilling the challenge is not necessarily the same thing as them liking the actual outfit. Hmm…

For now I’m just going to pretend that everyone (family excluded) loved it, lol!

Results post tomorrow, stay tuned!


Week 12 Results

14 May

This week was a very busy week. I always knew that my world would be completely different once I had to balance a full-time job with school work and everything else in my life but I still don’t think that I was fully prepared for how crazy it would be (seriously, I have no idea how you people with kids manage to fit everything into your week, my hat is off to you!). It was pretty hard to actually find time to shop but I’m very happy to say that I did and I was successful at finding some items for the challenge!

Just as a quick reminder, my goal for this week’s challenge was to find an article or articles of clothing that embodied the colour blocking trend and I was specifically inspired by Gucci’s Spring 2011 campaign:



So what did I find? Well, I managed to purchase not one but two items of clothing and stay within my $20 budget! Both items were found at the Jacob outlet store (another one of those stores that I seem to frequent for this experiment) and they were an absolute steal since on top of already low prices everything was an additional %30 off! My total came to a budget friendly $18.18 leaving $1.82 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

The first piece that I found was a cute top for $12.99:

Jacob, front



Back detailing


Although I was originally hoping to find a skirt or even a pair of Gucci-esque pants I didn’t have much luck finding anything very formal looking. Instead, I ended up purchasing a fun pair of purple capri pants for $10.00:



In all honesty, I don’t think that these pieces paired together will make a very good outfit for my office environment. As much as I love fun trends something tells me that some of the “suits” at work might not appreciate such a crazy look. Instead, I have decided to dub this outfit my crazy summer BBQ outfit!

A very bright outfit on a very gloomy day!


Top and capris Jacob, shoes Winners

Seriously, how fun is this for a BBQ? Well, I think that it’s fun at least, I’m not sure that everyone else will agree…

So what do you think?

Week 12 Challenge

8 May

So I have officially made it through my first week as a working woman! So far work has been pretty slow since I don’t actually have a computer yet but that’s probably a good thing. Transitioning from my laid back grad student lifestyle of working and sleeping whenever I felt like it to waking up at 5:45 every morning has definitely been a shock to my system but I’m slowly adjusting to it.

I have actually been feeling quite guilty about neglecting my blog (and still not posting Triumph or Tacky? entries or replying to comments on my vanity sizing post, sorry!) and I am ready to recommit to my blogging! I’ve really missed writing creatively so I’m looking forward to continuing with some detailed accounts of my challenges and some commentary posts (I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what should, and more specifically shouldn’t, be considered office-appropriate attire)!

Now on to this week’s challenge! After having a few challenges that revolved around wardrobe basics (and buying some new work clothes on the side) I’m really in the mood to shop for something fun! Specifically something bright and colourful. I think that no current trend embodies this as well as the current colour blocking trend! I really love Gucci’s whole take on this in particular:





Vogue Paris, February 2011


Now as much as I love pairing separates together in bright colours I don’t quite think that my $20 will stretch far enough to make it happen. I’m going to try my best to find a fun blouse and skirt but if that isn’t possible I may try to find a shirt or a dress as an alternative. In the end I’m going for a garment or pieces that embody the colour blocking trend. I will also try to find something that I could potentially wear to the office (aka not a literal take on some of the Gucci styles above). We’ll see how that one goes though…

Wish me luck!