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Triumph or Tacky?

23 Jun

For the Weeks 15 and 16 challenge (if you recall this one stretched over two weeks since I was unsuccessful on my first attempt) I tried to find an athletic tank top with a built-in bra. Although I originally couldn’t find anything under $20, I ended up lucking out with one that I found at Foot Locker for $19.99!


 I think that the purchase of this garment (along with the awesome running skirt that I bought for the Week 13 challenge) is very timely since I finally bit the bullet and registered for my first half-marathon! Eek! It’s in September and I need all of the help I can get with training,  that includes having cute running outfits for motivation! On top of that I’m doing a crazy Spartan Race in a week and a half so it looks like I will be living in workout wear outside of working hours for the next umm, 3 months or so…


So back to the tank top! According to all of the online votes everyone thought that I did great! It really is a  cute tank and I do love the fact that it’s a nice blue colour as opposed to my mostly pink workout wear. So far I have worn it twice, once to Dragon boat practice and once tonight for a run. I was going to wear it to the gym earlier this week but my gym has that silly rule that you can’t wear tank tops in co-ed workout areas. Again, apparently shoulders are just far too titillating for the boys around here!

Ignore the wet spot from Dragon boat practice, lol!


I do find that the tank is very comfortable however, my only complaint is that the bra part of it seems to stretch once it’s been worn for a little while. By the end of my run it felt much looser so I’m not quite sure how long I will be able to wear it if I drop some weight during training (which I inevitably tend to do).

So for now I’ll leave this Triumph or Tacky post open. At the moment the tank top is a Triumph but I’ll let you know if it moves into the Tacky realm (running with no support up top would definitely qualify as tacky!).

Well, that’s it from me for now! Results post coming up Saturday 😮



Week 16 Challenge

5 Jun

As I mentioned in my “results” post yesterday, my Week 15 athletic tank top challenge was unsuccessful. I’m actually quite disappointed because I really did think that I would be able to find something within my budget.

Roxy, $59.99 SportChek

I did visit many athletic stores (SportChek, Sportmart, Sports Experts, Lululemon) and other stores (Sears, the Bay, Winners, I even looked at the Joe Fresh line at the grocery store) this week and although I did find a couple of affordable possibilities none of them fit properly or had the right look that I was going for.

I am going to be upfront and say that I didn’t visit Old Navy this time, I think that I have bought far too many articles of clothing from them for this experiment. Although I’ve found that their new active wear line is great, this is called the SpendThrift Experiment, not the Old Navy Experiment. However, if you are up for trying their active wear they do have some affordable tank top options with built-in bras like this one I found online for $22.50:

Old Navy

They only have them left in size M though (so in real life that would mean size L or XL, lol).

I found that most of the tank tops that I did try on were either loose in the chest and fit in the body or fit in the chest but were really tight in the body (maybe I need to do more ab exercises?!). Also, the styling of the tank tops was either boring or downright ugly (sea foam green is definitely not my colour!). Plus, the ones that I tried on at Winners were made of the cheapest material, you know the type where if it brushes against anything the threads pick out and fray? Combined with completely impractical spaghetti straps they just weren’t an option.

I found one Adidas tank on sale that was similar to this one but with pink stripes (I know, I wanted to avoid pink but it looked cute on the rack!):


But they only had an XS left, it was tight in the torso area and the material was shiny so I kind of looked like a lumpy stuffed sausage. Motivating? Perhaps. Cute? Umm, not so much. And who are we kidding, no one is going to wear something that they think they look awful in.

I’m predicting that with a healthier $40 budget that I can find something with a better fit and style. Hopefully this week I’m more successful than last week!

Wish me luck!

Week 15 Challenge

29 May

For this week’s challenge I am going to build on my Week 13 athletic wear challenge and add a new athletic tank top into the mix. I’m easing back into my running routine and since it’s getting pretty hot and humid outside I’d like to add a new tank top with a built-in bra into my otherwise ratty athletic wardrobe (except for my awesome new running skirt of course!).

The only tank top that I own with a built-in bra is the one that I was wearing in the pictures that I posted of the Old Navy running skirt:

La Senza

I got it at La Senza years ago when they still sold athletic wear (their athletic wear was awesome by the way! I have no idea why they discontinued the line?!) and it’s faded and starting to tear in places. To be completely honest it also doesn’t quite fit my body the way that it used to (I’m going to pretend right now that it’s the tank top that has changed and not my figure…probably wishful thinking).

As a brief aside, I think that I would have bought a new tank top earlier but my gym has a policy in place stating that although you can wear tank tops in the women’s only area (which no offense to my gym, sucks), you can only wear t-shirts in the coed area.

Something about wanting to create a “family friendly” and “safe” atmosphere (apparently shoulders are far too titillating for the men at my gym). I can perhaps see the benefit of women not working out in super skimpy tops but I’d love for my gym to explain to me why booty shorts that go halfway up your cheeks are allowed?! That’s a discussion/rant for another day though…

Anyways, back to my tank top challenge. I’d like to find something somewhat similar to the one above (my pink one, not my childish illustration) but definitely in a different colour. I find that I have way too much pink in my wardrobe and although I love pink (it was one of my wedding colours after all) I think that I need to start branching out. I’d also like to find something a little funky like this tank top by Roxy:

Roxy, $59.99 SportChek, front side

Back side

I’m not sure what I’ll be able to find in my budget but this time I think that I am going to try my best to avoid Old Navy. Even though I have renewed respect for their athletic line I really need to explore some different stores.

Wish me luck!