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Weeks 45-46 Results

18 Feb

This challenge was to find a sleeveless blouse inspired by the top of  this beautiful dress by Suno and the (frequently recurring) polka dot trend:

Suno Spring/Summer 2012 runway show

So how did I do? Well, I found not one but two options! They aren’t perfect, and I didn’t manage to really capture polka dots, but both tops embody some of the feel of the dress.

Top #1 I found at Jacob:

Jacob $19.99, front

Jacob, back

I know, I know, it doesn’t have polka dots but I really like the pattern and it has a somewhat similar shape to the top of the Suno dress. Plus it would be really cute under a jacket for work. At $22.59 with taxes it also fits nicely into my budget.

Top #2 I found at Smart Set:

Smart Set $14.99, front

Smart Set, back

It may be a little hard to get a feel for the look of this one, unfortunately it’s missing one of the loops you hang it with so I had to put it on a flat surface to take pictures. Maybe that’s why this top was an even better bargain at $16.94 after taxes.

Again, no polka dots but at least the sequins are sort of like polka dots…I may be grasping a bit with this one! I do love the shape of the top though and the back is really fun!

So what do think? Are either of these a hit or am I going back to the store(s)?

Weeks 45-46 Challenge

5 Feb

Spring is (supposedly) just around the corner and lately I’ve been looking at what’s coming up for the Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Apparently polka dots are once again going to be a trend and I came across this beautiful dress by Suno while perusing through pictures of Spring/Summer 2012 runway shows:

Suno Spring/Summer 2012 runway show


As beautiful as I think that this dress is, what really drew me to it was the top. I think that a top in this style would be an awesome layering piece under a blazer or as a standalone piece with a skirt or dress pants for a night out. And to be honest, I don’t really have any dressy sleeveless shirts either so it might be time to finally buy one.

So that’s what this challenge is going to be, to find a sleeveless polka dot blouse inspired by this Suno dress.

Wish me luck!