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Weeks 43-44 Results

26 Jan

This challenge was to find a pair of black sunglasses to help my very sensitive eyes cope with bright daylight and it was inspired by this pair from Chanel:

Now I wasn’t looking for an exact copy or knock-off of these glasses, just something inspired by them. So what did I find?

I present to you not one, not two, but three options! Two were a steal, one I broke the rules for but you can tell me whether or not they were worth it.

Option 1: Liz Claiborne glasses found while roaming the aisles of the hot mess otherwise known as Sears (I branched out a little with my store choices this time).

Liz Claiborne glasses $10.49 at Sears

Blinged out sides

Ok so the photos of me may look strange since I cut them off...I realized after taking the pictures that my lips looked like I had applied gloss with a makeup gun!

Option 2: Liz Claiborne glasses also  found while roaming the aisles of the hot mess otherwise known as Sears.

Liz Claiborne $10.49 at Sears

Options 1 and 2 were purchased together and were both 30% so each cost only $10.49! Both of them came to a grand total of $23.71 so keeping both is definitely an option!

The receipt says that one of the pairs of sunglasses is brown but trust me, both are black in person

Option 3: I came across this pair as I was walking through the Bay and I just really liked the look and feel of them, I also thought that the shape was closer to the Chanel inspiration glasses.

Nine West $42 (eek!) at the Bay

Unfortunately though they are more than a tad over budget at $47.46 after taxes.

Now again to reiterate, none of these sunglasses are carbon copies of the Chanel pair but I do like all of them. That makes the decision of what pair to keep very difficult! But that’s where you come in!

So what do you think?

Also, another quick reminder that I’ll be MIA for the next week. Expect a new challenge post on February 5th!

Weeks 43-44 Challenge

15 Jan

I have always had sensitive eyes. They’re sensitive to bright light, strong scents, the wind etc. and although it’s annoying I’ve never had to go to extreme measures to cope with the irritation. And then I started working…

I swear that there is something environmental at work that is wrecking my eyes! Even though I was a bit of a squinty person before (outside when it’s bright at least) I am now a squinty-Visine-toting-tissue-carrying-read-eyed monster during the work week and it sucks! It also makes driving very difficult because my eyes seem to now recoil from daylight, sigh.

So now that the back story is in place this week’s challenge is going to be to find a new pair of (affordable) sunglasses. I currently own a great pair of brown Ray-Bans:

My current sunglasses


But I would like a black pair that are a little less sporty and little more fashion-y. And who has chicer glasses than Chanel!

Chanel 5171

Now I’m not looking for knock-offs here, just something inspired by these glasses and a pair that look nicer than the ones you find at the 2 for $15 kiosks at the mall!

Just as a little note: this challenge will be shorter since I’m going away at the end of the month so the results post will be on the second Thursday of the challenge cycle. After that this blog will be quiet for about a week but I’ll make the next challenge start on Feb 5th.