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Triumph or Tragedy?

11 May

As promised, I am FINALLY  starting to address my backlog in Triumph or Tacky? posts! I have decided to begin with the ballet flats that I bought for the Week 9 challenge since conveniently I wore them to get to and from work today (I’m still in shock that I actually have a “work” to go to and from now!).

If you recall I had a choice between two pairs of ballet flats:

Flats from Joe Fresh and the Shoe Company

One pair were burgundy hard plastic flats from Joe Fresh (aka the grocery store) that were a real steal at $7.84, and the other were a pair of soft blue faux leather flats from the Shoe Company that were slightly more expensive at $16.94, but still a great deal!

So which pair did I chose? Well, after tallying up all of the votes and taking comfort into account I chose to keep the blue ballet flats from the Shoe Company!


I actually paired them with the floral dress that I bought for the Week 7 challenge and a blue short-sleeved cardigan that I got at Jacob during my work clothing shopping spree. I didn’t wear them in the office though. They looked cute with the outfit but there was a little too much blue going on and I was afraid that I would be emitting a Smurfette vibe…not so bad with a jacket over top, but not so great with the outfit in full force. Instead I wore some strappy wedges but I think that the flats are really cute in all their glory with other outfits.

UGH! I was about to write about how happy I was with them and how I thought that this challenge was triumphant since the shoes are really comfortable and most people who I polled and showed them to liked them, until THIS happened:

Something tells me that my dog isn’t nearly as happy as I am that I have a job now. Needless to say I am not impressed at the moment 😦

Well, although the challenge itself was triumphant the final results are definitely looking pretty tacky now. Maybe I need to change the name of this one to Triumph or Tragedy?

*Sigh* I’ll post another Triumph or Tacky? entry soon…that is if the dog doesn’t eat part of my fashion experiment first…

Week 9 Results

16 Apr

If you recall, this week’s challenge was to find a fun pair of ballet flats and my inspiration was a collage of colourful shoes by Tory Burch. After shopping around I have to admit that it wasn’t that difficult to find affordable flats. So what did I find?

Well, I came across not one but two pairs of ballet flats!

Flats from Joe Fresh and the Shoe Company

The first pair I actually found at the grocery store, lol. They’re faux patent leather from Joe Fresh:

Now I do have some concerns about these shoes. The faux patent is very hard and stiff and the ribbon detailing that runs around the rim of the shoe is also a pretty rough material. As Erin brought up in the comments section of the Week 9 Challenge post, one big problem with cheap flats is that they scrape your heels and give you blisters and this pair seems like it could be a prime candidate for maiming my feet. The price however, was hard to resist:

They were on sale for $6.94! So with taxes they came to $7.84 leaving $12.16 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank! I’m still unsure if the risk heel damage or an investment in a new box of bandaids is worth the low price of the shoes. They also aren’t as colourful as I originally had in mind so I also found another option.

I found a second pair of ballet flats at the Shoe Company:

These shoes are also made of faux leather but they are soft and pliable. I like the fact that they’re a cheerful blue colour and I also like the stud detailing on them:

This pair was on sale for $14.99 so with taxes they came to a grand total of $16.94. Choosing this pair would leave $3.06 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank so I would have less left over but they seem to pose less of a risk of roughing up my heels.

I decided to use a “model” to show this pair off, I think that his feet are a little wide for them though 😮

So what do you think?

One last thing. I realize that I didn’t do a Triumph or Tacky? post this week but to be honest, I worked from home most of the week (and my dog doesn’t appreciate my efforts at dressing up). I’ll be writing a double post next week covering both the white shirt from last week’s challenge and the ballet flats from this week’s challenge to make up for it!

Week 9 Challenge

10 Apr

Continuing on my quest to equip myself with wardrobe basics I’ve realized that I need some new shoes for spring that are practical but also cute. Winter boots just won’t cut it anymore and although sneakers are fine at school they’re  way too casual for a future office job (plus the whole professional work outfit + running shoes look is just awful!). So, for this week’s challenge I’ve decided to focus on finding some ballet flats that could potentially get me to and from the office stylishly!

I already own one pair of black flats but I think that it would also be nice to have a pair in a fun colour! I came across a whole bunch of great options by Tory Burch that I love (and also got my first introduction to Polyvore):

I think that these shoes are really fun and they’ll serve as a great inspiration for the week. I’m not sure what colours I’ll end up finding but I’m hoping that I can find something bright and cheerful! Wish me luck!