About me

Eva Hadhazy Photography (copyright)

So this is my first blog and my first blog entry ever! I don’t know if anyone is ever going to actually read this blog, it’s more a way of documenting a little challenge that I am planning on trying, but if you do happen to come across this please feel free to leave me your comments!

My Great Dane

                                                                                    Here’s a little information about me: My name is Mel, I’m 29 years old, Canadian, married to a wonderful man, have an awesome Great Dane, love dogs in general (I volunteer for my local Humane Society and am also about to start volunteering for a large breed dog rescue), have an incredible family and great friends, am a bit of a perfectionist, have a background as a scientist (well from my Bachelors and Masters degrees at least), am now doing a PhD in a health-related field, and I LOVE fashion! Oh wait, but here’s the catch…I don’t have much funding right now and I’m broke! And it is not fun at all!

Seriously, if you looked at me right now you would never know that I love fashion so much but trust me, it’s underneath this grad student exterior*. The thing is, my lack of income has been getting me down since I love to shop, I love high-end designers and the looks they create (I can’t afford them right now obviously but I did manage to wear a beautiful pair of Jimmy Choos at my wedding!), and did I mention that I love to shop?  I know it, my husband knows it, and my family and friends know it (I don’t know if they all understand it though).

Eva Hadhazy Photography (copyright)

In fact, my Maid of Honour’s speech at my wedding revolved a lot around my shopping habits… I know that it may come off as shallow and materialistic but honestly, I love shopping and I find it fun!

So this brings me to why I am taking on this challenge. At the moment I am trying to find a full-time job and switch school to part-time (not easy in the current economy/recession) but in the meantime I need to have some fun, even if I don’t have much money! My goal is to keep up with this challenge for a year (even if I do get a job), work on my photography skills a little bit by photographing my purchases, and blog about it every step of the way!  I hope that this is entertaining for anyone who decides to read 😮


*At this point I will add a quick disclaimer: even though I love fashion that doesn’t mean that I think that I am always fashionable or that my taste is always spot on, fashion and style are subjective so please keep that in mind!

2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Coco at 3:49 pm #

    Um, I totally missed this and hadn’t seen this page yet. You’re so pretty! Love your hair!

    Also, your dog is ADORABLE! I love Danes. We meet 3 that meet up to play in our dog park…however, when they ALL try to sit on your lap at once….not so fun! They’re BIG!

    • You’re so sweet! Thanks!

      Danes are absolutely awesome dogs but yes they’re huge and definitely try to act like they’re people and sit on you! When we first got ours he promptly plopped his butt down on my Dad’s lap on the couch, it was pretty hilarious. Fortunately he has since learned that he is not a human nor is he a lap dog so sitting on people is not polite behaviour lol!

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