Weeks 39-40 Results

1 Jan

Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had wonderful holidays and that you aren’t feeling too hung over today!

My dog was in the holiday spirit


You may have noticed that I’ve been on hiatus lately, with the busyness of the holiday season I’ve been on the go a lot, but I’m back and ready to post some results!

Now I know that I’m a day late posting this but I figured that with yesterday being New Year’s Eve most people would probably have better things to do than read this blog! In my defense though I did actually find my challenge item before my Saturday deadline and I’ve posted the date on the receipt as proof 😮

If you recall, this challenge was to find a pair of yoga pants similar to much coveted Lululemon pants but without the associated sticker-shock:

Lululemon Groove Pant $108


So what did I find? Well, after looking through several sporting good stores (unfortunately not Costco though, so many people have suggested it to me but we don’t have a membership and no one I know with a membership was going during this challenge period) I found a great pair of yoga pants at Winners:

Winners $29.99 front



They’re really comfortable and according to the manufacturer they’re also “slimming”. I’m not sure if they actually are or not but they are very comfortable and I do think that they’re pretty flattering. Plus they aren’t super long so I won’t have to get them hemmed which is a bonus!

A picture of Warrior 2 makes for pretty awkward angles...that and I have about as much grace and flexibility as a rhinoceros!


They came in at the higher end of my budget since they were $33.89 after taxes but they’re still a steal compared to some of the other $50 + pants I saw out there. They aren’t Lululemon but I am really content with this purchase.


Now hopefully they can actually motivate me to do some yoga!

So what do you think?

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