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Weeks 43-44 Results

26 Jan

This challenge was to find a pair of black sunglasses to help my very sensitive eyes cope with bright daylight and it was inspired by this pair from Chanel:

Now I wasn’t looking for an exact copy or knock-off of these glasses, just something inspired by them. So what did I find?

I present to you not one, not two, but three options! Two were a steal, one I broke the rules for but you can tell me whether or not they were worth it.

Option 1: Liz Claiborne glasses found while roaming the aisles of the hot mess otherwise known as Sears (I branched out a little with my store choices this time).

Liz Claiborne glasses $10.49 at Sears

Blinged out sides

Ok so the photos of me may look strange since I cut them off...I realized after taking the pictures that my lips looked like I had applied gloss with a makeup gun!

Option 2: Liz Claiborne glasses also  found while roaming the aisles of the hot mess otherwise known as Sears.

Liz Claiborne $10.49 at Sears

Options 1 and 2 were purchased together and were both 30% so each cost only $10.49! Both of them came to a grand total of $23.71 so keeping both is definitely an option!

The receipt says that one of the pairs of sunglasses is brown but trust me, both are black in person

Option 3: I came across this pair as I was walking through the Bay and I just really liked the look and feel of them, I also thought that the shape was closer to the Chanel inspiration glasses.

Nine West $42 (eek!) at the Bay

Unfortunately though they are more than a tad over budget at $47.46 after taxes.

Now again to reiterate, none of these sunglasses are carbon copies of the Chanel pair but I do like all of them. That makes the decision of what pair to keep very difficult! But that’s where you come in!

So what do you think?

Also, another quick reminder that I’ll be MIA for the next week. Expect a new challenge post on February 5th!

Weeks 33-34 Update

24 Jan

I’ve been meaning to post this update for a long time but better late than never!

If you recall, I was looking for a peplum blazer for the Weeks 33-34 Challenge but to my great disappointment I came up short. I mentioned that I would keep a lookout for a blazer during my other shopping escapades and I think that I may have lucked out (I love post-Christmas sales!). And I mean really lucked out!

Now it isn’t a peplum blazer, more of a classic two-button style, however, I couldn’t pass this one by when I came across it at the Jacob outlet:


Jacob, back

Especially when I saw the price! Originally it was selling for $159.90 and I got it for…wait for it…the incredible price of $14.99! If this isn’t a deal I don’t know what is!

It was 50% off the last price!

It’s a great addition to my work wardrobe and also has a great fit to it so I’m feeling quite triumphant on this one! It wasn’t what I was originally looking for in a blazer but I think that it actually worked out better in the end because I got a really good quality classic piece.

My poor attempt at a self-portrait to show off the silhouette

More clear but less clear at the same time...

Oh, and I also cheated a bit and bought a pair of pajama shorts but I’m sure that you can forgive me given the fact that they only cost $2.49 after all of the discounts were applied lol!

Jacob $2.49

So the grand total for this shopping trip was $19.75.

Not bad if I do say so myself, and I do 😮

Weeks 43-44 Challenge

15 Jan

I have always had sensitive eyes. They’re sensitive to bright light, strong scents, the wind etc. and although it’s annoying I’ve never had to go to extreme measures to cope with the irritation. And then I started working…

I swear that there is something environmental at work that is wrecking my eyes! Even though I was a bit of a squinty person before (outside when it’s bright at least) I am now a squinty-Visine-toting-tissue-carrying-read-eyed monster during the work week and it sucks! It also makes driving very difficult because my eyes seem to now recoil from daylight, sigh.

So now that the back story is in place this week’s challenge is going to be to find a new pair of (affordable) sunglasses. I currently own a great pair of brown Ray-Bans:

My current sunglasses


But I would like a black pair that are a little less sporty and little more fashion-y. And who has chicer glasses than Chanel!

Chanel 5171

Now I’m not looking for knock-offs here, just something inspired by these glasses and a pair that look nicer than the ones you find at the 2 for $15 kiosks at the mall!

Just as a little note: this challenge will be shorter since I’m going away at the end of the month so the results post will be on the second Thursday of the challenge cycle. After that this blog will be quiet for about a week but I’ll make the next challenge start on Feb 5th.

Weeks 41-42 Results

14 Jan

Alright so you’re either going to think that I’m crazy or brilliant on this one!

If you recall, this challenge was a biggie! It was to find a dress similar to this wrap dress from the Rachel Zoe pre-Fall collection:

Rachel Zoe pre-fall on INSTYLE.COM

I had huge doubts in my ability to find something but I think that I may have actually been successful on this one (but then again that’s up to you to decide).

So what did I find? Okay bear with me here…

I know that the pattern is kind of crazy, and nothing like the giraffe pattern of the Rachel Zoe dress, and nothing like any of the patterns that I normally wear, but what I ended up buying was this bathing suit cover up/dress/shirt (honestly I have no idea exactly what it qualifies as, the receipt says “junior trend”) from Winners:

Winners $9.99, front


Insane? Perhaps. But it did come in at a bargain basement price of $9.99!

Since it is very billowy and I had a lot of room left in my budget I also purchased this (reversible) belt for $16.99:

So all together my entire purchase came to $30.49 taxes in!


Now here’s the true test, this is how it looks on me:

"Dress" and belt Winners, shoes Steve Madden

So what do you think? Did I have a temporary bout of insanity on this challenge?

Weeks 41-42 Challenge

2 Jan

My first challenge of the new year is going to be a doozy and is probably overly ambitious but I’m going to give it a try!

While surfing the net on my bus ride home one day I came across Rachel Zoe’s pre-Fall collection on In Style’s website (you can check it out here or by clicking on the pictures below) and I fell in love!

INSTYLE.COM photo. Click on the picture to take you to their blog and the slideshow of Rachel Zoe's pre-Fall collectiion


Now Rachel Zoe seems to be one of those people who is either loved or hated by the masses. Personally I love her and I think that she has killer style and this style is showcased in this pretty spectacular new collection.

In particular I am completely smitten with this ah-may-zing dress:

Rachel Zoe pre-Fall collection on INSTYLE.COM


Now I have no idea how much it costs or how the heck I’m going to be able to find something at all similar, especially for $40 or less, but I am in love with it! I think that it is so versatile: pair it with tights in the Winter and/or high boots, with bare legs in Spring/Summer or even wear it over a bathing suit. This dress could do it all!

So we’ll see what happens with this one. I’m probably slightly delusional if I think that I’m going to find anything for this challenge but please send me some good vibes!

Weeks 39-40 Results

1 Jan

Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had wonderful holidays and that you aren’t feeling too hung over today!

My dog was in the holiday spirit


You may have noticed that I’ve been on hiatus lately, with the busyness of the holiday season I’ve been on the go a lot, but I’m back and ready to post some results!

Now I know that I’m a day late posting this but I figured that with yesterday being New Year’s Eve most people would probably have better things to do than read this blog! In my defense though I did actually find my challenge item before my Saturday deadline and I’ve posted the date on the receipt as proof 😮

If you recall, this challenge was to find a pair of yoga pants similar to much coveted Lululemon pants but without the associated sticker-shock:

Lululemon Groove Pant $108


So what did I find? Well, after looking through several sporting good stores (unfortunately not Costco though, so many people have suggested it to me but we don’t have a membership and no one I know with a membership was going during this challenge period) I found a great pair of yoga pants at Winners:

Winners $29.99 front



They’re really comfortable and according to the manufacturer they’re also “slimming”. I’m not sure if they actually are or not but they are very comfortable and I do think that they’re pretty flattering. Plus they aren’t super long so I won’t have to get them hemmed which is a bonus!

A picture of Warrior 2 makes for pretty awkward angles...that and I have about as much grace and flexibility as a rhinoceros!


They came in at the higher end of my budget since they were $33.89 after taxes but they’re still a steal compared to some of the other $50 + pants I saw out there. They aren’t Lululemon but I am really content with this purchase.


Now hopefully they can actually motivate me to do some yoga!

So what do you think?