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Weeks 39-40 Challenge

18 Dec

Over the past few months I have let my fitness slide, a lot! It all started when I took a week off of working out after running my half-marathon (understandable), then we went to Paris where we walked like crazy but didn’t fit in any runs (again, understandable since we were on vacation), then we had a crazy busy Thanksgiving weekend right after we got back and I had no time to work out (honestly, even though I was jet-lagged I probably could have fit a run in), then things just kept sliding from there (aka I have become lazy/exhausted and would rather nap than work out) and now it’s almost Christmas and I have only run about 4 times since the middle of September. Eek!

Concerns for my personal appearance aside, I am a person who absolutely needs to work out on a consistent basis otherwise I am a very grumpy frazzled person. I have noticed lately that as my schedule has gotten more and more packed (and it has been insane lately, especially with the holidays on the horizon) I have become more and more exhausted and how do I put this…a little short on patience and at times rational thought. When I’m working out, even if I’m squeezing a run into an already packed schedule, I have much more energy and a much calmer mind. Needless to say I need some calm right now!

So, that brings us to this challenge. I want some extra motivation to get back into my routine and also build on it. As I have mentioned, I have been a stress case so I would like to not only start running again but also (try to)  incorporate some yoga into my life (I say try to because I’m not sure how it will go, I’m not really a “look inward and calm your mind” type of person). And what screams yoga and fashion more than a pair of Lululemon yoga pants?

Lululemon Groove Pant $108


Now as much as I would love to buy a pair of these (everyone I know who owns them swears they make your butt look amazing!) I’m not willing to drop over $100 on a pair right now.  So, I’m going to go out and try to find a budget-friendly alternative (I’ll try not to just run straight to Old Navy, I’d like to branch out a bit).

Hopefully I’m successful and buying new work out duds helps me get back on track with my fitness because lord knows I need some of those good endorphins right now! Wish me luck!

Weeks 37-38 Results

17 Dec

This challenge was to find a pair of grey dress pants similar to these ones by Theory:

Theory Max CW Pant $395


So how did I do?

Well after fighting a million Christmas shoppers, trying on what felt like hundreds of pairs of pants that were too baggy, too tight in the thighs, made me look lumpy, were ridiculous (seriously Smart Set, grey pajama-jean-esque dress pants?!) etc. (have I ever mentioned that I hate shopping for pants?) I finally found a pair…today…at the grocery store.

Here they are from Joe Fresh:

Joe Fresh $29




They aren’t made of the thickest material and sadly I couldn’t find any wool-blend pants in my price range but they are really comfy. They also came in at an even $29 since the Superstore was having a no tax day!


I like the fact that they’re a trouser style which is pretty classic and fits my more muscular thighs. And did I mention that they’re really comfortable?


They’re also slightly looser in the waist which will hopefully get me through Christmas and New Year’s eating and drinking, but not loose enough that they’ll fall off once I have time to get back to my usual fitness routine.

So here they are on me to show the waistband. I’m not showing my whole body here because I’m very short-waisted and tucking in shirts makes me look like an old man:

And here’s a full-body picture. Please pardon the horrible pose, bleary eyes, puffy face and no makeup, it was my husband’s work Christmas party last night and I’m still recovering. The pants will also look much better once I get them properly hemmed:

Pants Joe Fresh, shirt Jacob, shoes Steve Madden

So what do you think?

Weeks 37-38 Challenge

8 Dec

Once again I am late, late, late with this post! This time I blame the lead up to the holidays, it seems like there’s something going on every day! It also doesn’t help that I have had a really bad few days but that’s a story for another time or a PhD-related blog that I could fill with encyclopedia length posts of ranting (I have no plans on starting one though!).

In my work wardrobe I have several pairs of dress pants however, they are either black or brown. I currently do not own a grey pair. So building on my theme of grey clothing from my last challenge I am going to try to find a pair of grey dress pants with some weight to them to get me through the winter. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start wearing grey on grey anytime soon.

I’m really liking this wool pair from Theory:

Theory Max CW Pant $395

So this?they? (anyone else find it hard to properly write about pants?!) will serve as my inspiration.

Now I’m going to wait until I’m in a better mood before I go shopping (let’s just say grey is a good reflection of my current demeanor, or red maybe) and hopefully I can find a nice pair with some stretch.

With all the Christmas lunches and parties I have coming up I’ll be lucky if what I buy for this challenge still fits me after Christmas!

Quick note: The normal rules apply for this challenge even though I was late posting it so expect a results post less than a week and a half from now.

Weeks 35-36 Results

3 Dec

This challenge was to find a grey sweater similar to this one from Banana Republic:

Banana Republic $74


I’m happy to say that after several less than stellar challenges, this one was a success! Now I did end up coming across many grey sweaters at great prices at several stores (Smart Set, Suzy Sheir, Forever 21 etc.), but what I ended up buying was this one from Winners:

Winners $29.99


At $33.89 after taxes it was a bit more expensive than some of the other options but it also seemed to be a higher quality sweater since it’s partially a blend of wool and Angora.

Note: I have the receipt but I am choosing not to show it this challenge because there may be some Christmas purchases for some individuals who read this blog on it...

It’s nice and light but still warm so I look forward to wearing it and layering it over other pieces of clothing like dress shirts. Another nice thing about this purchase was that it came with a really cute matching scarf:

I don’t think that I’ll end up wearing the scarf with the sweater but I will definitely wear it with other shirts.

Now I haven’t had a chance to take a picture of myself in it yet, and I just went out for a big birthday dinner (yup, the big 3-0 happened this week, eek!) so a big belly full of food isn’t the most conducive to a good photo but I’ll update the post with a picture soon.

So that’s my find and I’m very satisfied with it! Now it’s time to find out what you think!