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Weeks 35-36 Challenge

23 Nov

Alright, so I’ve been feeling a little under the weather for the past few days (I’m actually writing this post at home in my PJs right now) and this challenge post is late. But, the usual rules apply and I am now down to a week and a half to complete it.

It’s no secret that my last few challenges haven’t been the most successful so I am ready to go back to basics for this one. This challenge is going to be to find a grey sweater similar to the one below:


Banana Republic $74


Exciting? Not the most. But I really, really need some new sweaters. Most of the ones that I currently own are either thin cardigans or are so ratty and pilled that even an hour with a fabric shaver can’t rehabilitate them.

You may be asking why a grey sweater in particular? Well, I just really like grey since it’s classic and pretty much goes with anything (if you asked my friends they would tell you that most of the walls in my house are grey, I think that it drives my best friend nuts since grey is considered a depressing colour but personally I think that grey is very clean) . I also like v-neck styles because you can either put a t-shirt or dress shirt underneath.

So that’s my latest challenge, if I can’t complete this one successfully I’m going to be really worried!