Weeks 33-34 Challenge

7 Nov

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet since I’ve been blabbing on and on in my posts lately and will probably continue to do so in my next Paris-related post!

I need a black blazer. The only one that I own is made of velveteen and only comes out about once a year around Christmas time and even then I’m never sure about wearing it. Flashbacks to the 90’s and velvet babydoll dresses maybe? Eek I can hear the Ace of Base now! But I digress…

Peplum jackets are in this Fall so that’s the look that I will be seeking out:



I think that this one is my favourite but then again, I would pretty much take anything from Burberry’s Fall 2011 line:

Burberry $995


This one is also great in a very romantic way (click on the picture to see a larger view on the Barney’s website):

Nina Ricci $2,590, Barneys


Now, to all you peplum virgins out there (as I was before coming across the word for the first time ever last month), the definition of peplum is, according to the ever-reliable Dictionary.com: “a short skirt attached to a bodice or jacket”.

I’m not going to be looking for a blazer with a full-out skirt attached but I am going to keep in mind the overall shape of a (subtle) peplum jacket when I’m on my quest.

Wish me luck!

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