Weeks 23-24 Results

20 Aug
This challenge was to find a pair of shoes appropriate enough to wear on the streets of Paris, comfortable enough to not leave me in pain at the end of the day, and practical enough that I don’t end up face planting on the Champs-Élysées! Although my initial thought was to find a pair of Puma-esque shoes, after some great advice and further consideration I decided to scrap that idea.

So what did I end up finding? Well, after searching many stores I opted for a pair of black flats that I found at Winners:


Winners $29.99


This was actually a difficult decision and I’m still not sure that I’m completely content with my selection. My original reservations against flats were that they tend to stretch and often cause blisters. I was worried that if they stretched too much they would be prone to slipping off or just be annoying on cobblestone streets. But in the end I quite frankly couldn’t find anything better!

It’s not for a lack of trying either! First, I thought that maybe I would find a pair of black Oxfords. I did find a few pairs at the Shoe Company but they either didn’t fit or the bottoms were so slippery that I would have skidded on the slightest wet or smooth surface. I may have been able to find another pair in the store but my shopping experience was completely ruined by the sales associate. You know when a sales associate comes up to you, asks you if you need help, you say no and then they say their name and to come find them if you need them? Yeah, well this associate did that, I said no and then she proceeded to hover directly over me the ENTIRE time! It was beyond irritating! I don’t know if I looked like I was unable to shop on my own or that I might run out with a pair of shoes but I will not be going back to that store any time soon!

Next, I thought that maybe I could find a pair of short biker boots. I’ve seen some girls pull off biker boots with skirts and dresses and it has looked really cute but I couldn’t find a pair remotely close to my $40 limit and I’m also not sure if the look would work on me since I don’t have the longest or thinnest legs (and I’m not going for an actual biker look here).

So in the end I decided on the flats. They are actually uber-comfortable and they were a good price at $29.99. Since I had a bit of money left over I splurged on some heel protectors so they might help prevent blisters and keep the shoes from slipping off:

Winners $3.99

The shoes and heel protectors came in at $38.40, so $1.60 under budget. Although everything was a good deal I’m still on the fence about the shoes. Although comfortable, they aren’t exactly the most stylish shoes out there…let’s just say I’m keeping the receipt for now!

So what do you think?

2 Responses to “Weeks 23-24 Results”

  1. Coco August 22, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    I think they’re actually pretty cute! I like the button. I think you should keep them, espcially if they’re comfy! They’d look cute with jeans for sure!!

    I don’t know if you have a Sirens/Urban Planet by you, but they have super cute biker esque boots for about $40. I have two pairs, and they’re super comfy and well made. I wore them a ton last fall and winter, and they’ve held up great. I just need to get a new heel piece put on by a cobbler because I wore them so much that it wore down.

    Also, sorry about my grouchy comment about not posting my comments. I was just feeling annoyed that I’d taken the time to write it out twice and then it didn’t go up, and I didn’t understand why, as I’d been trying to be helpful. Thanks so much for clearing it up!!

    • thespendthriftexperiment August 22, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

      Absolutely no worries about the comment! It was actually a good thing because it taught me an important lesson about double checking things 😮

      I like the flats but I’m still not sure if I’m completely sold on them. I did find something else yesterday so I’m going to write a post tomorrow night but I think that we’re on the same page about the style ;o)

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