Kitten Heels It Is!

20 Jul

Alright, so you may have noticed that I have been MIA from this blog lately <insert tired “I’ve been crazy busy” line here> so it isn’t all that surprising that I only had one vote for my black sandal poll. However, my devoted reader has spoken (thank you!) and my challenge is now to find a pair of black kitten heeled sandals!

You may have also noticed that it’s Wednesday night and you would be correct to assume that I haven’t actually started shopping yet…eek! Don’t worry though, my Saturday deadline still applies and I have actually been doing some research, aka surfing the net, more specifically ShopStyle for inspiration pieces.  So here are some cute shoes that I’ve come across:


Stuart Weitzman Loxley $268



Stuart Weitzman Carcel $325



Christian Dior 'Dior Stripes' slide $352



Ralph Lauren Inara $545

Ralph Lauren Inara $545


Manolo Blahnik Shakira $778


Although there’s really no telling what I will actually find in stores within my “$40 or less” price range, my favourites are the Stuart Weitzman Loxleys and the Ralph Lauren Inaras so I will be keeping those styles in mind during my (perhaps hectic) search.

Wish me luck!

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