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Weeks 21-22 Results

23 Jul

It’s once again results post time and I am very excited to share my find with you! This time my challenge was to find a pair of black work appropriate sandals. I wasn’t sure of exactly what style I wanted so I left the choice up to you. The options were: kitten heels, leather flats, or wedges.

After a vote from a very devoted reader ūüėģ I was out to search for a pair of kitten heels and boy am I ever glad that this was the style that was chosen! Thanks to my lovely reader I found these:

Greenwich Village $44.99, The Shoe Company


I was smitten from the first moment that I saw these babies at the Shoe Company! I was there with my husband and pretty much told him that I was in love and didn’t care how much they cost. When he gave me the whole “don’t you have a $40 budget to stick to?” line I pretty much told him that I would empty the Spendthrift Savings Bank if I had to, lol.

Thankfully the Shoe Company was having a sale (I know, not a mind blowing observation when shopping at a discount shoe store…). Although the sandals were $44.99, if you bought one pair of shoes you got 25% off of the second pair. Lucky for me my husband needed a new pair of shoes and passed the savings on to me! So after subtracting $11.25 and adding the taxes the total came to $38.13, just $1.87 short of my $40 budget! Score!

They’re black patent and are more of a stacked kitten heel but they’re really comfortable and I completely heart the design.

I tried to get a picture of them on me but I was taking the picture myself so it came out really awkward (plus I’m in desperate need of a pedicure, it’s pretty embarrassing actually…). I’ll try to post something better when I write the Triumph or Tacky? post (yes, those do still exist and are coming soon I swear!).

So what do you think? Do you love these as much as I do?

Kitten Heels It Is!

20 Jul

Alright, so you may have noticed that I have been MIA from this blog lately <insert tired “I’ve been crazy busy” line here> so it isn’t all that surprising that I only had one vote for my black sandal poll. However, my devoted reader has spoken (thank you!) and my challenge is now to find a pair of black kitten heeled sandals!

You may have also noticed that it’s Wednesday night and¬†you would be correct to assume¬†that I haven’t actually started shopping yet…eek! Don’t worry though, my Saturday deadline still applies and I have actually been doing some research, aka surfing the net, more specifically ShopStyle for inspiration pieces.¬† So here are some cute shoes that I’ve come across:


Stuart Weitzman Loxley $268



Stuart Weitzman Carcel $325



Christian Dior 'Dior Stripes' slide $352



Ralph Lauren Inara $545

Ralph Lauren Inara $545


Manolo Blahnik Shakira $778


Although there’s really no telling what I will actually find in stores within my “$40 or less” price range, my favourites are the Stuart Weitzman Loxleys¬†and the Ralph Lauren Inaras so I will be keeping those styles in mind during my (perhaps hectic) search.

Wish me luck!

Weeks 21-22 Challenge

10 Jul

At present I do not own a pair of black work appropriate sandals. That’s not to say that I don’t own any black sandals but they certainly aren’t anything that I could wear in a professional setting.

Here is a rundown of my current black sandal wardrobe.

Exhibit A: 1 pair of Old Navy flip-flops (retail price approximately $3.00)

Old Navy


Exhibit B: 1 pair of 4 inch platform heels from Aldo very similar to these:


As you can see neither of these really works for my day-to-day. Now the problem is I’m not sure of exactly what I want to buy and most of the shoes that I’ve seen in magazines lately are just way too impractical for work (either too high, too fancy or too casual).

So to try something new I figure that this time I will leave the choice up to you. I’ll have a poll open for the next week and then depending on what you choose I’ll go out shopping for that style next week. So here are your choices (I’ve narrowed it down to three styles for simplicity sake):



Can’t wait to see what you pick!

Weeks 19-20 Results

9 Jul

For this challenge I was trying to find a brown belt to go with the white dress that I bought for the Weeks 17-18 Challenge:

Dress Joe Fresh

If you recall, my inspiration was a look in a spread in Self Magazine:

Anne Menke, Self Magazine. Dress Peter Som $1,395, necklace Roxanne Assoulin for Lee Angel $275, belt Forever 21 $9, bag Jamin Puech $470, shoes J.Crew $148

So what did I find? Well, I found a really interesting and different stretch belt made of straw and faux leather!

Belt Smart Set

I really like this belt because I’ve actually never seen anything like it. I’m also very happy that I found it because the process of finding a belt was really difficult! I looked absolutely everywhere! Malls, outlet stores, online, thrift shops/vintage stores, and I either couldn’t find anything that was within my now robust $40 budget, or everything was a size medium or larger ( and when we’re talking larger I really mean larger! Again, back to my issue with vanity sizing…).

The whole process was quite frustrating! However, if you do have more than $40 to spend and are looking for beautiful belts try Club Monaco for very classic styles or Lucky Brand for more rugged styles (I even saw some size smalls and extra-smalls at these stores!).

I finally came across it at Smart Set where it was selling for $18 (along with a bunch of other great belts!):

After taxes it came to a budget friendly total of $20.34 leaving $19.66 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

And here it is on me paired with the white Joe Fresh dress:

So what do you think?

Recap of Kate’s Ottawa Style

5 Jul

After yet again another posting delay (I was busy getting my butt kicked in a Spartan Race this weekend and have yet to fully recover!)¬†¬†here (finally)¬†is my official recap of the Duchess of Cambridge’s Ottawa fashion choices!

Day 1

Will and Kate arrived in the National Capital on June 30th! Kate was decked out in a beautiful navy and white lace Erdem dress from the designer’s Resort 2012 collection (aka not yet available for purchase) that she paired with nude pumps:

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, photograph from Fashion Magazine


That evening the royal couple attended a¬†casual event¬†honouring young Canadian volunteers¬†at Rideau¬†Hall, the Governor General’s residence. Kate wore a casual black wrap dress by Issa¬†with a pattern of tiny white birds on it. She paired the dress with a simple pair of slingback wedges:

Reuters/John Stillwell/Pool photograph from


Day 2

After attending a swearing-in ceremony for new Canadians at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Will and Kate hit up Parliament Hill for the Canada Day festivities. Kate absolutely killed it in a cream dress by Reiss, red pumps, a fan clutch by Anya Hindmarch, an adorable red maple leaf fascinator by Sylvia Fletcher of Lock & Co, and a diamond maple leaf brooch on loan from the Queen:

Photograph by Arthur Edwards, Getty Images, from

For the evening celebrations she changed into a purple Issa dress but kept the maple leaf brooch:

Keystone Press, photograph from Fashion Magazine

Day 3

During the final leg of their visit to Ottawa, the Duke and Duchess planted a tree at Rideau Hall. Catherine wore a grey Catherine Walker dress with a deep V in the back and simple grey pumps that was both chic and romantic:

Andre Forget/QMI Agency, photograph from the Calgary Sun
I think it’s safe to say that I was enamoured with her fashion choices during her visit to my little City! What do you think? Were her outfits hits or misses? Have you been following the Royal fashion on their Canadian tour?¬†

Happy Canada Day from the Capital of Will and Kate Mania!

1 Jul

Happy Canada Day from the nation’s capital which also happens to be the current capital of William and Kate mania!

On Kate: Nannette dress by Reiss, topper by Sylvia Fletcher of Lock and Co.(Picture:


Although we aren’t going to brave the crowds downtown to try to catch a glimpse of Will and Kate (ok, it would be¬†just to see¬†Kate and her outfit really but honestly, after many years of spending Canada Day on the Hill the novelty has worn off and the¬†crowds, heat and lack of patio seating aren’t exactly a draw, lol), I have been keeping tabs on Kate’s style choices, which have been impeccable so far!¬†I thought that it would be fun to report back on what she wore so stay tuned for that tomorrow when I will give a recount of what the world’s¬†current style darling wore in Ottawa! Just an FYI, if you liked what she wore and want it, especially the Canadian designed pieces, they’re already sold out, lol!

In the meantime I’m off to find a patio outside of the downtown core¬†on which to enjoy¬†some cold beer, great friends,¬†and beautiful weather!

¬†I hope that all of my fellow Canadians are having an amazing day celebrating this great country of ours! Have fun and be safe ūüėģ