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Week 14 Challenge

22 May

Now that I’ve gotten some cute work outfits I’ve realized that I am slightly lacking in the accessories department, specifically when it comes to jewellery. Most of the costume jewellery that I own is quite old and has seen better days and I find that I am constantly wearing the same old necklaces and earrings to work day after day. I’m ready for something new!

I love the look of multi strand necklaces because I find that they can dress up any outfit. I found some great versions online in a multitude of different styles:

Jenny Bird $132, Lori's


Vanessa Mooney $165, Boutique to You


Rosantica $525, Net-A-Porter


Nina Bukvic $950, Barneys


Ippolita $1818, Saks


Obviously none of these necklaces fit into my budget but they do serve as great inspiration pieces.

I’m not sure exactly what style I will go for but my main criteria will be that the necklace should have multiple strands and be long. We’ll see what I end up finding!