Friday Fun

20 May

I haven’t gotten a chance to wear my colour blocking outfit yet so I won’t be posting a Triumph or Tacky post this week (I am wearing it to a BBQ tomorrow though!), and I’m still behind on my other Triumph or Tacky posts but I figured that I would post something fun since it’s Friday.

The other day I went for coffee with an old friend that I haven’t hung out with in ages. Now what’s better than catching up with an old friend? Catching up with a friend that has an amazingly fabulous Kate Spade bag:

Kate Spade

Now please pardon the fact that the image is blurry, I took the picture with my phone so it isn’t the best quality (and if you’re a member of IFB this is quite relevant since fashion blog image quality has been a hot topic over the past couple of days). I tried to track down the bag online but I had no success so I’m afraid that I can’t tell you the name of this beauty or post a link or better image of it. Maybe I should have a contest? Name the bag and win a prize! Unfortunately, here at the SpendThrift Experiment funds are extremely limited so after shipping you’d be lucky if I sent you a prize from the dollar store, or a picture of the prize that I wish I could give you, lol. I’m thinking that contest giveaways aren’t in my immediate future…

Trust me though, it’s gorgeous in person!  I ooohed, I aaahed, I think that I may have even drooled a little (luckily not on the bag)! Rich red leather, multiple straps, tassels, a lovely black lining inside with cute polka dots, and a price tag that is sadly way beyond my budget. Thankfully I got to caress it for a few minutes though 😮

My friend bought it for herself as a little pick me up and I can’t think of anything more fitting than a beautiful bag for a beautiful friend! So Maggie, here’s to you and  your amazing bag! FYI, you may not want to leave me alone with it next time we go for coffee ;o)

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