Triumph or Tragedy?

11 May

As promised, I am FINALLY  starting to address my backlog in Triumph or Tacky? posts! I have decided to begin with the ballet flats that I bought for the Week 9 challenge since conveniently I wore them to get to and from work today (I’m still in shock that I actually have a “work” to go to and from now!).

If you recall I had a choice between two pairs of ballet flats:

Flats from Joe Fresh and the Shoe Company

One pair were burgundy hard plastic flats from Joe Fresh (aka the grocery store) that were a real steal at $7.84, and the other were a pair of soft blue faux leather flats from the Shoe Company that were slightly more expensive at $16.94, but still a great deal!

So which pair did I chose? Well, after tallying up all of the votes and taking comfort into account I chose to keep the blue ballet flats from the Shoe Company!


I actually paired them with the floral dress that I bought for the Week 7 challenge and a blue short-sleeved cardigan that I got at Jacob during my work clothing shopping spree. I didn’t wear them in the office though. They looked cute with the outfit but there was a little too much blue going on and I was afraid that I would be emitting a Smurfette vibe…not so bad with a jacket over top, but not so great with the outfit in full force. Instead I wore some strappy wedges but I think that the flats are really cute in all their glory with other outfits.

UGH! I was about to write about how happy I was with them and how I thought that this challenge was triumphant since the shoes are really comfortable and most people who I polled and showed them to liked them, until THIS happened:

Something tells me that my dog isn’t nearly as happy as I am that I have a job now. Needless to say I am not impressed at the moment 😦

Well, although the challenge itself was triumphant the final results are definitely looking pretty tacky now. Maybe I need to change the name of this one to Triumph or Tragedy?

*Sigh* I’ll post another Triumph or Tacky? entry soon…that is if the dog doesn’t eat part of my fashion experiment first…

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