Week 12 Challenge

8 May

So I have officially made it through my first week as a working woman! So far work has been pretty slow since I don’t actually have a computer yet but that’s probably a good thing. Transitioning from my laid back grad student lifestyle of working and sleeping whenever I felt like it to waking up at 5:45 every morning has definitely been a shock to my system but I’m slowly adjusting to it.

I have actually been feeling quite guilty about neglecting my blog (and still not posting Triumph or Tacky? entries or replying to comments on my vanity sizing post, sorry!) and I am ready to recommit to my blogging! I’ve really missed writing creatively so I’m looking forward to continuing with some detailed accounts of my challenges and some commentary posts (I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what should, and more specifically shouldn’t, be considered office-appropriate attire)!

Now on to this week’s challenge! After having a few challenges that revolved around wardrobe basics (and buying some new work clothes on the side) I’m really in the mood to shop for something fun! Specifically something bright and colourful. I think that no current trend embodies this as well as the current colour blocking trend! I really love Gucci’s whole take on this in particular:





Vogue Paris, February 2011


Now as much as I love pairing separates together in bright colours I don’t quite think that my $20 will stretch far enough to make it happen. I’m going to try my best to find a fun blouse and skirt but if that isn’t possible I may try to find a shirt or a dress as an alternative. In the end I’m going for a garment or pieces that embody the colour blocking trend. I will also try to find something that I could potentially wear to the office (aka not a literal take on some of the Gucci styles above). We’ll see how that one goes though…

Wish me luck!

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