Some Big News!

2 May

I really meant to post this yesterday (especially after the lead up to it in my last post) but I had a crazy weekend (and my laptop is still toast!) so I just didn’t get around to it. I think that it is worth the wait though.

No, sadly Proenza Schouler still haven’t sent me a PS 1 bag (I’m still stuck inhaling Mossimo bag fumes), but I think that this news is even more exciting:


Woo hoo! I was waiting until it was official to say anything but I figure that now it’s safe to mention since I had my first day at work today 🙂

So what does this mean for the SpendThrift Experiment? Well, besides the fact that my posts may sometimes be a little tardy since I will be balancing blogging with work, school, volunteering, the gym, and trying to maintain a social life, things won’t change very much. I will still have my weekly $20 challenges but I will occasionally mix challenge pieces with more expensive apparel. For example, my wonderful husband took me out shopping for work clothes this weekend and I scored some great pieces:


Aldo $60


Mexx $129.90


This little shopping spree was definitely a one time thing though, I still have to recover from living off of my meagre grad school income (that required a lot of income supplementation courtesy of Visa) and pay off some debts accrued over the past few very expensive years (wedding, honeymoon, house, car, etc.).

I figure that if I stick with the challenges for the most part and put my newfound paycheck towards paying off debts I should be in a position to purchase (or at least start saving for) a pair of Louboutins by the end of the SpendThrift Experiment!

On a final note, I have decided to be kind to myself this week and not issue myself a challenge while I get adjusted to life in the working world (I’ll still do a Triumph or Tacky post a little later in the week, probably Wednesday). Stay tuned, the Week 12 challenge will be announced on Sunday!

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