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Week 15 Challenge

29 May

For this week’s challenge I am going to build on my Week 13 athletic wear challenge and add a new athletic tank top into the mix. I’m easing back into my running routine and since it’s getting pretty hot and humid outside I’d like to add a new tank top with a built-in bra into my otherwise ratty athletic wardrobe (except for my awesome new running skirt of course!).

The only tank top that I own with a built-in bra is the one that I was wearing in the pictures that I posted of the Old Navy running skirt:

La Senza

I got it at La Senza years ago when they still sold athletic wear (their athletic wear was awesome by the way! I have no idea why they discontinued the line?!) and it’s faded and starting to tear in places. To be completely honest it also doesn’t quite fit my body the way that it used to (I’m going to pretend right now that it’s the tank top that has changed and not my figure…probably wishful thinking).

As a brief aside, I think that I would have bought a new tank top earlier but my gym has a policy in place stating that although you can wear tank tops in the women’s only area (which no offense to my gym, sucks), you can only wear t-shirts in the coed area.

Something about wanting to create a “family friendly” and “safe” atmosphere (apparently shoulders are far too titillating for the men at my gym). I can perhaps see the benefit of women not working out in super skimpy tops but I’d love for my gym to explain to me why booty shorts that go halfway up your cheeks are allowed?! That’s a discussion/rant for another day though…

Anyways, back to my tank top challenge. I’d like to find something somewhat similar to the one above (my pink one, not my childish illustration) but definitely in a different colour. I find that I have way too much pink in my wardrobe and although I love pink (it was one of my wedding colours after all) I think that I need to start branching out. I’d also like to find something a little funky like this tank top by Roxy:

Roxy, $59.99 SportChek, front side

Back side

I’m not sure what I’ll be able to find in my budget but this time I think that I am going to try my best to avoid Old Navy. Even though I have renewed respect for their athletic line I really need to explore some different stores.

Wish me luck!

Week 14 Results

28 May

So this week’s challenge was to find a long, multi-strand necklace. Although I had found several inspiration pieces online, such as this one by Rosantica:

Rosantica $525, Net-A-Porter

And this one by Ippolita:

Ippolita $1818, Saks

I didn’t have a set style of strand in mind. My only criteria were that it be long, and have more than one stand.

So what did I end up finding in my search? Well after looking through various accessory stores (like Ardene and Claire’s) where I found quite a few cheap options (that also looked pretty cheaply made), I wanted to find something that looked and felt more expensive (even if it wasn’t really expensive).

I actually lucked out at Jacob and not the outlet store for once! All of their jewellery was %40 off and they had a ton of long multi-strand necklaces! For once I had trouble deciding between a multitude of options that all fell within my budget! Yay!

Here’s the one that I finally decided on after a lot of thought and consideration:

Jacob, originally $25.90

It has silver chains with clear square leucite beads and was originally selling for $25.90. Since it was %40 off, after taxes the total came to $17.56 leaving $2.44 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

I have to admit, I’m really smitten with this necklace. I think that it looks great, much more expensive than it actually was, has a good weight to it, and since the beads are clear it will go with pretty much any colour:

I had a little bit of fun with my camera and different coloured backgrounds this week ūüôā

I didn’t take a picture of me wearing it since it is a necklace and it will look pretty similar on everyone (ok that might be up for debate depending on someone’s height, chest size etc…) but if you’re wondering how it looks on a person I’ll post a picture in this week’s edition of Triumph or Tacky? once I wear it to work.

Well, as much as I love this necklace my opinion isn’t the only one that matters! Time to find out what you think!

Triumph or Tacky?

27 May

I am yet again playing post catch-up so here is another edition of Triumph or Tacky! This time I am going to report back on reactions to my Week 12 challenge colour blocking outfit.

I finally got a chance to wear the shirt and capris to a BBQ at my parent’s place last weekend and it seemed (to me) like the perfect outfit for a bright almost-summer evening in the backyard lounging by the pool!

Colourfully lounging by the (very cold!) pool


Although I think that the outfit is really fun and very summery I’m not sure that everyone agrees.

My Dad raised his eyebrows and murmured something about me joining the circus or marching in a parade (I’ll ignore that I heard that last remark) and my Mom gave me one of those “Well, I guess that you can get away with bright colours in the summer…” comments.

My husband was much more blunt telling me that he doesn’t like the capris at all “Because they’re purple” but he does like the shirt (orange just happens to be one of his favourite colours though).

At least the online votes were much more positive. Almost everyone thought that I did great on this challenge! Come to think of it though, someone voting that I did well fulfilling the challenge is not necessarily the same thing as them liking the actual outfit. Hmm…

For now I’m just going to pretend that everyone (family excluded) loved it, lol!

Results post tomorrow, stay tuned!


Triumph or Tacky?

25 May

Alright, so I’m going to try to get back on a schedule with my Triumph or Tacky? posts again! Today I’m going to write about last week’s challenge skirt and then later this week I’ll continue playing catch up with my other challenge outfits.

So I am happy to report that last week’s running skirt challenge was a resounding success! Everyone who voted thought that I did great and¬†the family and friends that I showed the skirt to also really liked it!


I wore it out on a 5K run on Monday and I have to say that even though the run itself was a bit uncomfortable (it’s been awhile) the running skirt was extremely comfortable! I was very surprised!

I have found in the past that a lot of Old Navy clothing is cheaply made so I didn’t have high hopes for their athletic wear. I was also a little worried about the size of the skirt since their clothing runs quite large (again, back to my vanity sizing rant). I had nothing to worry about though,¬†it fits perfectly!

The shorts under the skirt¬†barely rode up during my run¬†(much less than my more expensive Adidas running skirt), the skirt itself didn’t ride up at all,¬†and even with some strong winds the skirt didn’t flip-up. On top of that, the fact that it has a drawstring waist meant that I could tighten it as much as I needed. I have to say, I am actually very impressed and it makes me want to check out their other athletic wear.

All in all I consider this challenge to be triumph! Thumbs up for Old Navy running skirts!

Week 14 Challenge

22 May

Now that I’ve gotten some cute work outfits I’ve realized that I am slightly lacking in the accessories department, specifically when it comes to jewellery. Most of the costume jewellery that I own is quite old and has seen better days and I find that I am constantly wearing the same old necklaces and earrings to work day after day. I’m ready for something new!

I love the look of multi strand necklaces because I find that they can dress up any outfit. I found some great versions online in a multitude of different styles:

Jenny Bird $132, Lori's


Vanessa Mooney $165, Boutique to You


Rosantica $525, Net-A-Porter


Nina Bukvic $950, Barneys


Ippolita $1818, Saks


Obviously none of these necklaces fit into my budget but they do serve as great inspiration pieces.

I’m not sure exactly what style I will go for but my main criteria will be that the necklace should have multiple strands and be long. We’ll see what I end up finding!

Week 13 Results

21 May

Time for this week’s results post! I had actually resolved myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to successfully complete this week’s challenge of finding a new¬†running skirt. Earlier in the week I did a whirlwind tour of sporting goods stores (two Sports Experts, SportCheck, Lululemon), department stores (two Sears, two the Bay, Zellers), and other clothing stores (Old Navy, Smart Set, American Apparel) and although I came across many cute running skirts nothing I found was within my budget. In fact nothing was under $50!

At that point I was getting pretty worried, especially when my husband smugly pointed out that looking for a running skirt on sale at the beginning of running season probably wasn’t the smartest idea…

Last night I figured that I would try one more sporting goods store at an outlet mall (Sportmart) but again, I had no luck (in fact they didn’t have any running skirts at all). In one last-ditch attempt my husband and I went into another Old Navy store at the outlet mall (since Old Navy tends to be a good fallback for this experiment)¬†and amazingly there it was hanging from a rack, one lone running skirt, size XS:

Old Navy


It was actually my husband who spotted it and it was strange because there wasn’t a single other running skirt in the whole store. Now the price on the tag said $19.99 but everything around it was 30% off so I figured that I would see if it was on sale:

When I got to the cash I found out that it was actually on clearance for $8.99! With taxes the total came to $10.16 which leaves me with a total of $9.84 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

I have to say that I am really happy with this purchase. Not only was the skirt a total steal but it’s also really comfortable and the fact that it has a drawstring waist is a total plus (since I’m sure that you’re aware of my issues with Old Navy’s sizing system).

Here it is on me in the usual cheesy posed shot:

Top La Senza (they used to sell workout wear), skirt Old Navy, shoes Nike

And in a goofy “action shot” where for some reason my shadow looks a little off, and kind of creepy…

So what do you think?

Friday Fun

20 May

I haven’t gotten a chance to wear my colour blocking outfit yet so I won’t be posting a Triumph or Tacky post this week (I am wearing it to a BBQ tomorrow though!), and I’m still behind on my other Triumph or Tacky posts but I figured that I would post something fun since it’s Friday.

The other day I went for coffee with an old friend that I haven’t hung out with in ages. Now what’s better than catching up with an old friend? Catching up with a friend that has an amazingly fabulous Kate Spade bag:

Kate Spade

Now please pardon the fact that the image¬†is blurry, I took the picture with my phone so it isn’t the best quality (and if you’re a member of IFB this is quite relevant since fashion blog image quality has been a hot topic over the past couple of days). I tried to track down the bag online but I had no success so I’m afraid that I can’t tell you the name of this beauty or post a link or¬†better image of it. Maybe I should have a contest? Name the bag and win a prize! Unfortunately, here at the SpendThrift Experiment funds are extremely limited so after shipping you’d be lucky if I sent you a prize from the dollar store, or a picture of the prize that I wish I could give you, lol. I’m thinking that contest giveaways aren’t in my immediate future…

Trust me though, it’s¬†gorgeous in person! ¬†I ooohed, I aaahed, I think that I may have even drooled¬†a little (luckily not on the bag)! Rich red leather, multiple straps, tassels, a lovely black lining inside with¬†cute polka dots, and a price tag that is sadly way beyond my budget. Thankfully¬†I got to caress it for a few minutes though ūüėģ

My friend bought it for herself¬†as a little pick me up and I can’t think of anything more fitting than a beautiful bag for a beautiful friend! So Maggie, here’s to you and ¬†your amazing bag! FYI, you may not want to leave me alone with it next time we go for coffee ;o)

Week 13 Challenge

15 May

For this week’s challenge I have decided to do something a little different. I have decided to focus on athletic wear!

You see, for the past few weeks I have been so busy and so tired that I haven’t been able to muster up any motivation to go to the gym or go for a run and I am feeling pretty icky. I’ve been running for a few years now but lately I’ve been slacking off big time. This¬†is slightly problematic since¬†I want to run a half marathon this fall and unless I start to get my butt back in gear that won’t be happening.¬†¬†I think that I need something to help¬†jumpstart me back into a¬†training routine. I can think of no better way to do this than with a cute new running outfit!

More specifically I want to find a new running skirt. I’ve always been a fan of running skirts since they combine both functionality and feminine style. I’ve been wearing the same one, a fun grey and pink skirt¬†by Adidas, ¬†for years:

Hamming it up before my first 10K a few years back

Although I still love this skirt it is definitely starting to show some signs of age. So my goal this week is to find a new one within my $20 budget.

After doing some online research I have found a couple of skirts that I like. Lululemon always has some nice ones:

Lululemon $54

 And Adidas always has some fun options in their Stella McCartney line:

Stella McCartney for Adidas $89.99

The skirt above is actually a tennis skirt but I think that it could still work for running if it has built-in shorts (I’m not positive that it does though).

I’m not sure what I’ll find in stores but hopefully I can find a cute and comfortable budget-friendly option!
Wish me luck!

Week 12 Results

14 May

This week was a very busy week. I always knew that my world would be completely different once I had to balance a full-time job with school work and everything else in my life but I still don’t think that I was fully prepared for how crazy it would be (seriously, I have no idea how you people with kids manage to fit everything into your week, my hat is off to you!). It was pretty hard to actually find time to shop but I’m very happy to say that I did and¬†I was successful at finding some items for the challenge!

Just as a quick reminder, my goal for this week’s challenge was to find an article or articles of clothing¬†that embodied the¬†colour blocking trend and I was specifically inspired by Gucci’s¬†Spring 2011 campaign:



So what did I find? Well, I managed to purchase not one but two items of clothing and stay within my $20 budget! Both items were found at the Jacob outlet store (another one of those stores that I seem to frequent for this experiment) and they were an absolute steal since on top of already low prices everything was an additional %30 off! My total came to a budget friendly $18.18 leaving $1.82 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank!

The first piece that I found was a cute top for $12.99:

Jacob, front



Back detailing


Although I was originally hoping to find a skirt or even a pair of Gucci-esque¬†pants I didn’t have much luck finding anything very formal looking. Instead, I ended up purchasing a fun pair of purple capri pants for $10.00:



In all honesty, I don’t think that these pieces paired together will make a very good outfit for my office environment. As much as I love fun trends something tells me that some of the “suits” at work might not appreciate such a crazy look. Instead, I have decided to dub this outfit my crazy summer BBQ outfit!

A very bright outfit on a very gloomy day!


Top and capris Jacob, shoes Winners

Seriously, how fun is this for a BBQ? Well, I think that it’s fun at least, I’m not sure that everyone else will agree…

So what do you think?

Triumph or Tragedy?

11 May

As promised, I am FINALLY ¬†starting to address my backlog in Triumph or Tacky? posts! I have decided to begin with the ballet flats that I bought for the Week 9 challenge since conveniently I wore them to get to and from work today (I’m still in shock that I actually have a “work” to go to and from now!).

If you recall I had a choice between two pairs of ballet flats:

Flats from Joe Fresh and the Shoe Company

One pair were burgundy hard plastic flats from Joe Fresh (aka the grocery store) that were a real steal at $7.84, and the other were a pair of soft blue faux leather flats from the Shoe Company that were slightly more expensive at $16.94, but still a great deal!

So which pair did I chose? Well, after tallying up all of the votes and taking comfort into account I chose to keep the blue ballet flats from the Shoe Company!


I actually paired them with the floral dress that I bought for the Week 7 challenge and a blue short-sleeved cardigan that I got at Jacob during my work clothing shopping spree. I didn’t wear them in the office though. They looked cute with the outfit but there was a little too much blue going on and I was afraid that I would be emitting a Smurfette¬†vibe…not so bad with a jacket over top, but not so great with the outfit in full force. Instead I wore some strappy wedges but I think that the flats are really cute in all their glory with other outfits.

UGH! I was about to write about how happy I was with them and how I thought that this challenge was triumphant since the shoes are really comfortable and most people who I polled and showed them to liked them, until THIS happened:

Something tells me that my dog isn’t nearly as happy as I am that I have a job now. Needless to say I am not impressed at the moment ūüė¶

Well, although the challenge itself was triumphant the final results are definitely looking pretty tacky now. Maybe I need to change the name of this one to Triumph or Tragedy?

*Sigh* I’ll post another Triumph or Tacky? entry soon…that is if the dog doesn’t eat part of my fashion experiment first…