Week 11 Results

30 Apr

This week’s challenge was to find one of those staples that everyone should have in their wardrobe, a pair of black dress pants. If you recall I was inspired by some Theory pants that I saw online:

Theory Max C


So how did I do? Well, I managed to find not one but two pairs of black dress pants! They aren’t quite as high-end as the pants from Theory but they were a steal at $10 each at the Jacob outlet store! Now I know that I broke the SpendThrift Experiment  rules since with taxes my purchases came to a grand total of $22.60 but I’m willing to take a $2.60 hit for the benefit of having two pairs of dress pants (I will adjust the Savings Bank accordingly). I’m also happy because they are both slightly different in terms of style and fit.

Here is the first pair:

Jacob $10

And here is the second pair:
Jacob $10

 Please pardon the wrinkles on the pants.
Now you will notice that the pictures above are just of the pants and not of me wearing the pants. That’s because in my moments of savouring my victory after I purchased them I decided to take them to the tailor to be hemmed (one pair for heels, the other for flats) and was completely oblivious to the fact that I needed to take pictures of me in them first (which you think I would have realized since I remembered enough to take pictures of the pants themselves).
In my defense I have been ridiculously busy and I haven’t quite been thinking straight. This past week I was painting my kitchen cabinets (let me reiterate here what a nightmare that has been), was trying to get some school work done, had something VERY exciting happen (I will elaborate more on that in my post tomorrow), had an amazingly fun royal wedding sleepover with one of my best friends (sitting in front of the TV wearing your pajamas and a tiara while drinking champagne at 6am on a Friday morning is fantastic!), oh and had my laptop completely messed up by some crazy computer virus!!! This last one has been a huge source of stress since ALL of my files are on my laptop (and of course I haven’t backed up anything in weeks…PhD candidate does not automatically = smart) so I’m feeling a little disoriented trying to work on my blog on another computer. Oh well, ces’t la vie and unfortunately these things happen (fingers crossed that my tech savy husband gets my laptop up and running again soon though)!
What I will do is post pictures of me in the pants on Tuesday in a Triumph or Tacky post and will put my usual “How did I do?” poll there. That way I can see if everyone agrees with my opinion of how I did on this week’s challenge!
Big news tomorrow so stay tuned 🙂

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