Week 9 Results

16 Apr

If you recall, this week’s challenge was to find a fun pair of ballet flats and my inspiration was a collage of colourful shoes by Tory Burch. After shopping around I have to admit that it wasn’t that difficult to find affordable flats. So what did I find?

Well, I came across not one but two pairs of ballet flats!

Flats from Joe Fresh and the Shoe Company

The first pair I actually found at the grocery store, lol. They’re faux patent leather from Joe Fresh:

Now I do have some concerns about these shoes. The faux patent is very hard and stiff and the ribbon detailing that runs around the rim of the shoe is also a pretty rough material. As Erin brought up in the comments section of the Week 9 Challenge post, one big problem with cheap flats is that they scrape your heels and give you blisters and this pair seems like it could be a prime candidate for maiming my feet. The price however, was hard to resist:

They were on sale for $6.94! So with taxes they came to $7.84 leaving $12.16 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank! I’m still unsure if the risk heel damage or an investment in a new box of bandaids is worth the low price of the shoes. They also aren’t as colourful as I originally had in mind so I also found another option.

I found a second pair of ballet flats at the Shoe Company:

These shoes are also made of faux leather but they are soft and pliable. I like the fact that they’re a cheerful blue colour and I also like the stud detailing on them:

This pair was on sale for $14.99 so with taxes they came to a grand total of $16.94. Choosing this pair would leave $3.06 for the SpendThrift Savings Bank so I would have less left over but they seem to pose less of a risk of roughing up my heels.

I decided to use a “model” to show this pair off, I think that his feet are a little wide for them though ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

So what do you think?

One last thing. I realize that I didn’t do a Triumph or Tacky? post this week but to be honest, I worked from home most of the week (and my dog doesn’t appreciate my efforts at dressing up). I’ll be writing a double post next week covering both the white shirt from last week’s challenge and the ballet flats from this week’s challenge to make up for it!

4 Responses to “Week 9 Results”

  1. kia91 at 9:48 am #

    heheheheh i love the last picture ๐Ÿ˜€ so funny! ๐Ÿ˜€

    if you want to get more visits on yoru site, you can submit your articles on mine and post a link up too if you wish ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Angel Garcia at 1:45 am #

    That last picture completely freaked me out at first! Great steal. Especially considering how pricey Tory Burch flats can be.

    All the best, Angel


  3. Erin at 11:55 am #

    I still feel like I have to reserve judgement until I find out how wearable they are. Band-aids might be cheap, but when the shoes are so uncomfortable that they scrape up your protective band-aid like a windshield wiper, there’s only so much you can do.

    Can you please post again in a few weeks with an update on the shoes?

    P.S. I LOVE The blue ones! So pretty!

  4. gracefully50 at 11:11 am #

    Looove the modeling pic!!!

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