Week 9 Challenge

10 Apr

Continuing on my quest to equip myself with wardrobe basics I’ve realized that I need some new shoes for spring that are practical but also cute. Winter boots just won’t cut it anymore and although sneakers are fine at school they’re  way too casual for a future office job (plus the whole professional work outfit + running shoes look is just awful!). So, for this week’s challenge I’ve decided to focus on finding some ballet flats that could potentially get me to and from the office stylishly!

I already own one pair of black flats but I think that it would also be nice to have a pair in a fun colour! I came across a whole bunch of great options by Tory Burch that I love (and also got my first introduction to Polyvore):

I think that these shoes are really fun and they’ll serve as a great inspiration for the week. I’m not sure what colours I’ll end up finding but I’m hoping that I can find something bright and cheerful! Wish me luck!

2 Responses to “Week 9 Challenge”

  1. Erin April 14, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    I think the key to this challenge is comfort. There are tons of cheap flats out there; that won’t be too difficult to find. The difference between $12.99 flats and $129.99 flats are the scrapes and blisters on the back of your ankles. Mel, please keep this in mind as you shop.

    • thespendthriftexperiment April 15, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

      I agree completely and will address that in my results post tomorrow. My black flats used to scrape my heels until I wore them in but I went through many, many bandaids until I got to that point…come to think of it I think that I still have scars on my heels from them!

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