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Triumph or Tacky?

8 Apr

I meant to post this earlier in the week but since the weather was a little cold and wet on Tuesday I decided to wear my challenge outfit yesterday since it was warmer and the sun was shining. So which dress did I end up choosing?

Dress Old Navy, blazer Jacob, bag Coach, sunglasses Ray Ban, boots Aldo. Thanks to Elyse for taking the picture 😮


According to popular opinion the cross-front jersey dress from Old Navy was the clear winner! I have to say that even though this dress wasn’t very close to the target D&G dress that I was originally inspired by, it’s a really fun dress and it fits my body type really well. I got a ton of compliments when I was wearing it so I consider it to be a triumphant purchase!

I ended up pairing it with a jean blazer that I bought at Jacob last year but the Jacob outlet has some really cute short sleeve cardigans right now on sale for $24.99. I couldn’t find a picture but they look similar to this J Crew one I found on Kaboodle :

Kaboodle $65


I think that the dress would look great paired with a royal blue or kelly green cardigan.

Now onto the less triumphant part of this challenge i.e. the dress ended up being $2.04 over budget. I’m disappointed that I went over budget but to be honest the “dress” that I found at Sirens really didn’t look as good on me as the Old Navy dress. To rectify things I will remove $2.04 from the SpendThrift Savings Bank. I have also returned the other dress that I bought at Old Navy (quick side note: props to Old Navy, their return system was really quick and painless).

The one other unfortunate part of this challenge is that even though I asked the sales associate at Sirens if I could return the dress and get my money back and she said yes (in that vacant “I’m a 16 year old girl who really doesn’t care about my job” kind of way…that should have been a tip-off), when I got home and looked at the receipt it only said exchange or store credit on it. Ugh!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do at this point. I may just return the dress for store credit and pray that I find something there for a future challenge but since Sirens is not one of my usual places to shop I don’t have great hopes for this scenario….unless of course I decide to come up with a hootchie dress, romper, or jumpsuit challenge sometime in the future (Halloween maybe?). I’m sorry Sirens but your clothing doesn’t exactly scream “classy”, it barely whispers “I’m not cheap, I swear!”. Worst comes to worst I will subtract the price of the dress from the Savings Bank at the end of the experiment.

So for the Week 7 Challenge I think that although the process was less than triumphant the outcome was successful, albeit in a bit of a roundabout way. Hopefully the next challenge works out better and I can follow the rules faithfully!