Week 8 Challenge

3 Apr

It has become quite apparent that my challenges based on up and coming trends are just that, VERY challenging. I know that one of the main purposes of this experiment is to challenge myself but I think that I’ve been focusing solely on trends and not enough on wardrobe staples.

Looking through my wardrobe I don’t have many essentials that could be used in a future work wardrobe and the pieces that I do have are in pretty sad shape so I think that I need to start populating my closet with classic pieces. For example I do not currently own a white dress shirt or a pair of black dress pants (crazy I know!) and my only pencil skirt is circa 1999.

This week I have decided to focus on finding a classic white dress shirt:


GAP $49.95




Burberry Brit $180, Bluefly


Iro $265, NET-A-PORTER


Lanvin $2,530, NET-A-PORTER


I know, I know, a white shirt isn’t exactly exciting but it is a staple piece. Also, to up the ante I’m going to make it my mission to buy the best quality shirt I can possibly find within my itty bitty budget. That is going to involve stalking and searching through A LOT of sales racks!

We’ll see what I manage to find!

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