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Week 7 Results

2 Apr

This week I once again had a difficult challenge on my hands since I picked a trend that is only just beginning to appear in stores. If you recall I picked a floral dress inspired by D&G’s 2011 spring campaign:

I especially liked the third dress from the left but I never did actually manage to find out what it retails for.

So how did I do? Well, as I mentioned this one was tough (I am starting to consider implementing a black sock challenge one of these weeks…). In total I visited three malls, a string of outlet stores, two thrift stores, Walmart, and even GT Boutique (if you aren’t Canadian GT Boutique is the nickname for Giant Tiger a super discount store, although it isn’t anything close to “Tar-zhay” it has earned its own nickname for its affordable/cheap clothes). I spent hours combing through stores and racks of clothing and I have a confession: I cheated on the rules a bit.

Now before you judge me too much let me present you with what I found. I have three looks for your consideration, unfortunately, none are very close to the particular dress that I liked but I worked with what I could find. I will return the two dresses that receive the least amount of votes and if a look is chosen that costs more than my $20 budget I will make a compromise by removing some money from the SpendThrift Savings Bank.

Let’s start with the two “cheat” looks I found. Both are from Old Navy (I’m starting to get a little worried about how much clothing I’m buying from them for this experiment…) and both cost more than $20 with taxes.

Look #1 is a floral chiffon dress:

It originally retailed for $39.50 but was on sale for $23.70. After taxes the grand total came to $26.78. Now I do like this dress and I think it bears a small resemblance to the second dress from the right (I’m still not sure if the D&G one is a dress or a romper) in the ad but I’m not quite sure about how it looks on me:


Pardon the fuzzy image and weird arms. Dress Old Navy, shoes FX


Here’s a bit of a clearer image:

I think that it may look a little too big and I couldn’t find a smaller size (a rant about Old Navy’s sizing system is coming one of these days…). I’ll let you be the judge.

Look #2, also from Old Navy, is a cross-front jersey dress:

It sold for $19.50 before taxes which puts it just a little over my budget at $22.04 with taxes. I also like this dress but its pattern and cut really don’t fit with the D&G mould so I’m unsure about it. Here it is on me:

Dear lord! Someone please buy me a book on posing/facial expressions for Christmas...this is awful, I look like I've had a few too many! Dress Old Navy, shoes Bos & Co.

Finally, look #3 is one that actually falls within the rules! According to Sirens it is a “career woven dress” and it came to a grand total of $18.08 with taxes:

Honestly, I fail to see where the “career” and “dress” parts come in since it’s pretty short (ok, yes I know it is from Sirens), and where the “woven” part comes in, and I don’t know if I would actually wear it sans pants or tights but I do kind of like it. My husband thinks it’s hideous though, but he doesn’t like floral prints in the first place so I don’t think his opinion counts, lol.

Here it is on me:

Dress Sirens, boots Upper East Side


Now I have two questions for you this week: