Week 7 Challenge

28 Mar

I have finally returned from my vacation (which BTW was amazing, I love Mexico!) and am ready to take on another fashion challenge! I’m really looking forward to it too, I feel like the weeks leading up to my trip were so busy that my blog didn’t get the attention it deserves. I’m now feeling refreshed and am ready to rectify the situation!

So what have I decided on this week? Well, over the course of my vacation I had plenty of time to do some fashion research (aka reading magazines on the plane and beach) and I have decided that I would like to tackle this spring’s floral trend. I think that being in the tropics really got me in the mood for florals and all things bright and tropical! I was really drawn to D&G’s Spring 2011 campaign ads:

I especially like the third dress from the left in this one:

So this week’s challenge will be to find a floral dress! Hopefully the weather here warms up soon so that I can actually wear it sooner then later without having to layer a sweater/jacket and tights with it (I’m still in shock from going from +30 C back to sub-zero termperatures!).

Wish me luck!

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