Triumph or Tacky?

1 Mar

Once again it’s time for the weekly edition of Triumph or Tacky?! Before I get into the details of the overall assessment of the Week 3 challenge outfit I have a little confession to make. I worked from home today so I didn’t end up wearing the dress out in the big wide world. I don’t know if this qualifies as cheating on the experiment but in my defence several of my friends have seen me in the dress and my husband took the pictures for the results post (and I think that his opinion should be given at least equal or greater weight than everyone else since he has to put up with me and my fashion escapades :op). I’m attending a big meeting on Friday where I’m giving a presentation so I’ll wear the dress then and update this post if I get any big reactions to it.

On to the actual feedback regarding the challenge! Since the Week 2 challenge was pretty triumphant I was feeling very confident, perhaps a bit too confident. Although I love the dress that I found at Suzy Shier it really wasn’t the best representation of the Gucci inspiration dress. My purchase is a little too heavy on the bandeau style (ok, let’s be honest here, it’s a complete Herve Leger inspired knock-off as Lauren rightly pointed out in the comments section) as opposed to embodying the 90’s minimalist trend:

Maria Sharapova in Herve Leger Photo: Peter Kramer/AP


It seems that many other people also agree with this observation since the votes are mostly split between “you did great” and “not quite close enough” and one person chose the unfortunate “better luck next week” option.

I wouldn’t qualify this challenge as “Tacky” but it is nowhere near “Triumphant”. I think that it falls somewhere in the middle…does “Triumacky” qualify as a word? Hmm…probably not. Something tells me that this word is not going to catch on either, lol. Oh well, you win some, you lose some! In the end I’m still happy with the dress that I bought, I think that it’s pretty versatile, and I definitely think that it’s a great steal at under $20!





2 Responses to “Triumph or Tacky?”

  1. Lauren March 2, 2011 at 4:19 am #

    Like most great art, the end product is never what the artist intended at the beginning. I think it’s a triumph, even though the dress is not quite what you started out to achieve you still chose well with a great style. (ps…did you see G.Paltrow at the Oscars?…Have to say it was a best dressed for me – loved it)

    • thespendthriftexperiment March 6, 2011 at 9:31 am #

      I mean to reply to this a lot sooner! I did see Gwyneth at the Oscars and I LOVED the Calvin Klein dress! I wasn’t as wild about the Michael Kors dress though, it just blended into her skin tone too much. I think the MK dress was similar to her performance, a little too blah, lol.

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