Week 4 challenge

27 Feb

The time has arrived for my next challenge! Since I’m not feeling the most triumphant after last week’s challenge (love the dress but it’s not exactly the best hommage to Gucci’s inspiration dress) my first thought was to give myself an easier week by focusing on shoes. But then the more I though about it I realized that shoes are also going to be pretty tough to find for under $20. So I have decided to focus on finding a brown bag since 1) I need one, and 2) there are lots of brown bags out there so this challenge should be pretty straight forward right? Hmm, yeah, about that straight forward/easy comment, this challenge could have been easier if I hadn’t come across my current object of desire:


Proenza Schouler $2350

This absolute beauty is Proenza Schouler’s PS1 Extra Large leather travel bag. It is a caramel-brown leather travel bag with a top handle, a detachable knotted shoulder strap, a buckle-fastening cross-body strap, a fold-over flap front with a lock and strap fastening, pouch pockets at the front and back, an internal zip-fastening pocket, and it is fully lined. It retails for $2350 at CAD at NET-A-PORTER. Easy to find for under $20 right? This will be tough.

I have to say, I have not been this smitten with an accessory since the great Rosazissimo obsession of 2009-2010. I am IN LOVE with this bag! It is classic, timeless, and downright drool-worthy. I have thus decided to pen an open letter to Proenza Schouler in case they ever stumble upon my silly little blog and have an interest in charity:

Dear Mr. McCollough and Mr. Hernandez,

I am writing to profess my utter delight in your designs and specifically one item in particular, the PS1 extra large leather travel bag (in Saddle). This beautiful work of art has inspired great feelings of fashion lust in me but alas, I am just a poor graduate student trying to survive a horrible recession that has left me in a stylistic rut. Unfortunately, my current meagre funds cannot afford me the luxury of purchasing your magnificent product therefore, I must try to appeal to your charitable natures.

If you could be ever so kind as to donate one of your beautiful bags to my cause I will be forever grateful to you and will showcase your product everywhere I go. I will even shout about its glorious craftsmanship from the rooftops! If you cannot part with one of your prime specimens I will gladly offer to take one of its brothers or sisters with more “character” off your hands. Perhaps one that has been slightly damaged in the production process, or one that was tragically injured in a stocking or shipping accident? I am a woman with a lot of love to give and am fully committed to aiding in any bag-related rescue and rehabilitation.

I thank you in advance for considering my most heartfelt request and I hope to someday coddle one of your wonderful creations. In the meantime I would like to apologize for attempting to find an alternative to your bag for under $20. Of course I could never find an article that truly embodies the glory of your product for such a small sum of money and I mean no offense or insult.


Mel    xoxoxo

(Please send all parcels C/O Mel at The SpendThrift Experiment)

I’ll keep all you readers updated on when my shipment arrives, lol. In the meantime the challenge is on!

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