Week 2 challenge

13 Feb

Well I’m happy to say that I officially survived Week 1! I think that all things considered I actually did pretty well (but of course that’s up to you to decide). So on to my next challenge!

I’ve noticed that the menswear-inspired trend seems to be surfacing again. I love this trend because it’s very wearable and classic. With spring just around the corner (well hopefully at least!) and fashion weeks taking place all over the world, the fashion magazines are coming out with their spring 2011 trend reports. This is where the menswear trend caught my eye. In Style magazine featured a Ralph Lauren vest that I thought was really cute:

It’s Lauren by Ralph Lauren and retails for $149.

I also noticed a similar vest popping up on the runway in the spring 2011 collection of Canadian designers DSquared2 at Milan fashion week:

DSquared2, Spring 2011, Milan Fashion Week

And the same vest in a spread in Vogue Paris featuring Canadian model Daria Werbowry:

Vogue Paris February 2011

I have no idea how much the DSquared2 vest costs but it’s safe to say that runway=way more than $20!

Although I think that the vest looks cute with shorts or a long skirt I don’t think that I’ll end up pairing it with them. I might wear the vest with shorts in a picture for the blog but I plan on wearing this challenge outfit to my PhD proposal defense and I think that my committee members might wonder if I’ve lost it (or if I’m looking for an easy pass) if I show up in short shorts! They will definitely know that I’ve lost it if I also show up not wearing a shirt under the vest (or they will think that my funding is now so meagre that I need to make ends meet “on the side”). A dress shirt under the vest is a must!

So what is the exact look I’m going for? Well the vest is going to be the basis for this challenge and I hope to style it in more of a Katharine Hepburn inspired way (specifically more like the look on the right with a dress shirt):

I found this vintage pattern on Etsy.

I’m thinking the vest, a dress shirt, and trousers. I have the trousers but not the dress shirt so this ups the challenge a little bit. We’ll see how this week goes!

A quick note on the rules

I’m going to update the rules regarding eBay, online shopping, and what happens if I return something. Thanks for all your input regarding these little dilemmas I was having!

For eBay and online shopping: the rules will be that shipping costs must be factored into the $20 and I must have the item of clothing by the Saturday end date of the week’s challenge, BUT I will allow myself one online shopping cheat where I can pay shipping on top of the $20 (the item must still arrive by the next Saturday though).

For returns I will be able to pool the money from the returned item towards the next week’s purchase BUT I need to try my absolute best to avoid bad purchases.

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