Don’t take off the tags

10 Feb

I’m going to state the obvious here. I love looking through fashion magazines and ads to get ideas for outfits, especially future outfits that I might wear when my financial tide starts to turn (current status: the tide is still out). This is of course one of the main challenge activities related to this experiment outside of the actual shopping part, I need to find an article of clothing or outfit to copy to the best of my abilities for $20 or under. The more I think about it though this poses a challenge besides my just being able to find the clothing that I am looking for on a tight budget.

Vogue Italia February 2011

When I look through magazines the models in the spreads and ads are usually beautiful, the styling is luxurious, the lighting is soft or well-balanced, and the photography is artistic. A picture of perfect or deliberately imperfect perfection is presented to the reader. Oh and everything has been photoshopped from here to next Tuesday! The thing is, when I pick clothing or outfits for the challenge I really have no idea if they will actually look good on me. Heck, I don’t even know if they actually look good on some of the models in real life (probably, but I’m sure that not everything looks good on everyone, even models). This creates a problem.

You see, I have not been blessed with the genetics to be a Kate, a Gisele, or a Heidi. I am an average woman. I am petite in height and curvy and will probably never be stick thin like the models wearing the clothing I covet (and that’s ok!). So for the purposes of this challenge  what do I do if the clothing I buy just doesn’t look good on me even if it measures up to the criteria of the pictured look I’m going after?

I actually love this blazer, I just haven't had a chance to wear it yet so I haven't taken off the tags

After some discussion with Raine (the poor man is going to be so sick of this experiment soon!), he said that I should leave it up to the opinions of our families, friends, and whoever is reading this blog to decide.  BUT just in case I shouldn’t take the tags off in case I want to return something. This could be tricky not to mention kind of wrong if I need to wear an article of clothing or outfit for a day to solicit opinions on it! So if the majority of people I ask don’t like something I bought as part of the challenge, or if I don’t like the look of it (because honestly I don’t want to buy something that I will never wear again, I’m not trying to be an actual spendthrift!), what should I do? Should I return it or do I have to keep it? If I do return it does that make the week’s mission a failure or is it still a success since I found what I was looking for? What do I do with the money that I get back from a return? Do I get to pool it with the next week’s money?

So many questions to answer and details to sort out! Let me know what you think, I’m going to try to decide how this new issue should work into the rules (along with the eBay/online shopping rules) this weekend.

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